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Sandless Beach Mat Buy Uk

Tip: Keep in mind that beach hopping trips require more swimsuits, while trips purely to enjoy the amenities of all-inclusive resorts like Sandals, may require you to bring along some more elegant options for dining at some of the specialty restaurants you can expect to find on property.

sandless beach mat buy uk

This will help ensure that you use less towels, whether you plan to explore a beach, or waterfall during a day. If you stay at a resort you can expect beach towels to be provided.

For balmy nights along the beach or long lunches with the girls, opt for a classic pair of black or tan leather strappy sandals or slides. For those dressier occasions, our heeled sandals are the perfect alternative to stilettos and of course no wardrobe is complete without a pair of white sandals.

LOW MAINTENANCE COVER-UPS Playsuits (28, Topshop) are ideal for a trip to the beach as they offer more coverage and tend to wear better than sarongs. For evening, a printed dress from Zara (39.99, Zara) is just the ticket for dinner and cocktails.

LIGHTWEIGHT BUT WARM KNIT DKNY is a reliable source. This gauzy white one will go take you from breezy beach stroll to midnight party depending on whether you layer it over a tank or a jewel-embellished silk tunic. Cotton stitch pullover 161.43; 041b061a72


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