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Lloyd Phillips
Lloyd Phillips

Mica Hair At AHarris00Britney

i made this a while ago but when i was updating it with the new swatches, i decided to fix a bunch of issues and ended up just remaking all the packages. i fought a hard battle against this hair and i turned out vicarious

Mica Hair at AHarris00Britney


Ok that was quick! ? Here are 4 requested hair conversions for you.@grimsim has wished for more short hairstyles for female sims and here they are! ? They come in 4 binned colors (+grey) except the Beyonce hair. This hair has one additional special color. (shown in the picture) I think I need a little break now.?

You can incorporate this hairstyle on various occasions, especially in the summer. If your female sim has a feminine, ladylike personality, you can try giving her a gorgeous look with this beautiful hair CC.

This curly hair CC is suitable for teens to elders, however, I personally think it might look best for adult or elder female sims. You can still let your teenage sim wear this, but be careful when choosing the outfit. Make sure that the clothing CC suits her age and personality well. 041b061a72


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