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Where To Buy Kitchen Appliance Packages

Bundle and SaveNow is the perfect time to update your kitchen with a stunning new appliance package from US Appliance. The best prices, the best service and get Free nationwide shipping on all of our appliance packages. We have kitchen packages from all of the leading brands including GE, Frigidaire, Viking, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung and more.

where to buy kitchen appliance packages

Luxury kitchen appliance packages offer a more affordable way to replace your existing appliances with a set. When you purchase a package, you can rest assured the stainless steel finish matches and your appliances work well together.

The question arises: why not buy each product individually? One answer is pure aesthetics. Kitchen appliance packages are designed by brand experts to look perfect from one piece to another, ensuring that you have a completely coordinated space from floor to ceiling. Stainless steel is popular and goes with nearly any color of paint, cabinetry and countertop. That silvery finish ensures that these work well in any heart of the home, and you'll find it covering nearly every product in this section.

Just because brand experts have decided that specific products look perfect together doesn't mean that there's only one option available for you. Explore our stock of budget-friendly kitchen appliance packages until you find the one that's best for you. For some, the refrigerator is the most important aspect, with a tall profile that dominates the room. For others, it's all about the range, and looking for the cooking capabilities that match their culinary needs. Explore your options and you're bound to find something that fits your space both figuratively and literally. Don't forget to take measurements of your space before heading in and purchasing. You can find out more about that process in our refrigerator sizing and buying guide.

We carry a variety of 4-piece kitchen packages from traditional top, bottom, side-by-side and French door refrigerators, freestanding ranges, over the range microwaves and built-in dishwashers. Choose from a variety of manufacturers such as Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, Samsung, LG and Whirlpool. Package options in white, black, slate and stainless steel color.Here is portion of our common packages. Visit our store or you can call, text or chat with our friendly Appliance Specialists. Click here to get started.

Package deals are awesome! Appliance packages offer some of the best opportunities to save on appliances with manufacturer package savings offers and package rebates. You can save money by bundling together multiple appliances to fully outfit your kitchen or laundry area with all-new models!

In this complete guide, we cover everything you need to know when considering appliance packages for your new home or kitchen remodel. Discover all of the information you need in one convenient place.

Especially when it comes to the kitchen, where most major home appliances live, perfectly matched appliances can really elevate the look of your home! And, of course, one of the most enticing things about purchasing an appliance package is the price savings available. While it varies from brand to brand, most typically offer package rebates - more on that below.

Ranges are also either available in gas, electric, or dual-fuel - you'll want to consider your fuel type when comparing appliance packages. Dual-fuel ranges have a gas cooktop and electric oven. Some brands are also coming out with induction cooktops on their ranges, which require magnetic pans but are far more efficient than a regular smooth top electric range.

And to top this appliance package off, this GE appliance package includes a built-in electric oven that will help you deliver extraordinary culinary results. Precision Cooking Modes will assist you in attempting new recipes and perfecting your favorites thanks to integrated intelligent monitoring that automatically sets cooking times and makes temperature adjustments. The bright, full-color touch screen display will add an unexpected touch of innovation to your kitchen while making navigating your oven settings a snap. Thanks to true, top-down convection, producing the perfect bake will be perfectly simple.

There are countless advantages of investing in a kitchen appliance bundle as opposed to purchasing each appliance separately. And when you find your perfect, cohesive arrangement from a specific brand, the kitchen of your dreams will soon become a reality.

Your local retailer can help you create a custom bundle of Bosch kitchen appliances and learn about current promotions and deals on kitchen packages. Get a list of nearby retailers by entering your address, city or zip code and clicking Search.

If you're moving into a new home or re-modeling your kitchen you've probably got a vision: stylish appliances that reflect your look and do things your way. The best way to achieve that dream kitchen may be to take advantage of a value-packed kitchen appliance package, with matched major appliances that can transform your kitchen with a uniform look. Consider these commonly asked questions and make an informed decision when you purchase a kitchen appliance package.

A kitchen appliance package may include any or all of the major appliances common to the Canadian kitchen. You can get a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, microwave, or even a toaster oven as part of a comprehensive package. Consider which appliances you'll need and find a package perfect for you.

It is, of course, crucial to keep capacity and dimensions in mind to ensure you get a suite of appliances that fit your kitchen and suit your needs. In addition, if your kitchen is equipped, you can choose either a gas range or an electric range. Refrigerators also come in several different types with clear benefits to each. Even microwaves come in different styles, with countertop and over-the-range options.

After determining which appliances you'll need and establishing your budget, you can focus on choosing a brand with a good reputation, and features that add value. If this is your first kitchen, you may want to start simple. If you know your way around a kitchen already, you may have certain high-end appliances in mind, rich in features to make tasks easier.

When you buy a kitchen appliance package you can ensure your major appliances are coordinated in style. And because you're getting appliances from the same brand, you only have a single manufacturer to deal with, making maintenance and warranty claims easier. Plus, there are substantial rebates to be had when buying all your appliances together from one brand. 041b061a72


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