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Come Play

Oliver is a young non-verbal autistic boy who uses a smartphone to communicate with people. He attends school and is mostly taken care of by his mother, Sarah; his father Marty spends most of his time at work trying to make ends meet. Sarah and Marty's marriage has become difficult to the extent that Marty moves out. One night Oliver sees an app on his smartphone, "Misunderstood Monsters", narrating the story of a monster named Larry who "just wants a friend". After he reads the story, lights go out by themselves. He plays with an app on his tablet that identifies faces, and it identifies a face in the empty space next to him. At school, Oliver is bullied by his classmates due to his condition. They lure him into a field and take his phone, throwing it out into the field.

Come Play


One night, Sarah organizes a sleepover so Oliver can become more social. The three boys who bullied him come over. Oliver hides the tablet as he is terrified of it. One of the boys retrieves the tablet and reads the story. The lights go out and Larry appears, but he can only be seen through the tablet's camera. Larry attacks Byron, one of the boys, and the terrified boys all blame Oliver for the incident. In the following days, Sarah begins to see the same strange things Oliver did. Through Oliver's tablet, Larry says he wants to take Oliver back to his home world.

That night, Marty takes Oliver to his night-shift parking lot attendant job. Larry, revealing as a skeletal creature similar to a ghoul, begins to stalk them. When Marty witnesses Larry picking Oliver off from the ground, he finally believes Sarah and Oliver. They break the tablet and assume everything is over. Byron is traumatized from the incident at Oliver's house but comes clean on what really happened, absolving Oliver of blame. It is revealed that Byron and Oliver were once good friends but their friendship ended badly because Oliver accidentally hurt Byron which also caused their moms to break up their friendship. They both reconcile, with Oliver and Byron becoming friends again.

One night at work, Marty is attacked by Larry, who can travel through electricity and usually communicates with people through screens. Marty is hurt but alive. Larry proceeds to attack Oliver at his house, intending to take the boy. Sarah trashes all electrical devices in the house, but the TV finishes playing Larry's story before she can shut it off. Larry takes physical form, being able to move in real life without the use of a screen, and begins to stalk them throughout the house. Oliver takes Sarah to the field where there is no electricity for Larry to follow them with, but Larry uses Oliver's phone that the boys threw earlier to trap them there.

Oliver must take Larry's hand to enter Larry's world, but at the last second, Sarah takes Larry's hand instead, offering to go with him and become his friend instead of Oliver. In their final moments, Oliver looks Sarah in the eye for the first time, something Sarah has struggled with ever since Oliver was diagnosed. Larry takes Sarah and they both vanish, leaving Oliver alone. In the aftermath, Oliver lives with Marty, and they intend to deal with their loss. Marty gets more involved with Oliver's therapy.

One night, the lights go out again and strange noises are heard downstairs. Marty grabs his phone and sees Oliver and Sarah (who has been taken by Larry and seemingly lives in his world) playing happily. Sarah tells her son "I'll protect you", as Marty smiles. Larry's fate is left unknown.

Parents need to know that Come Play is a horror movie about Oliver (Azhy Robertson), a boy on the autism spectrum who comes upon an ebook about "Larry," a lonely monster who wants a friend. Despite a few small story flaws, it's well made and just scary enough for younger teens and up. Expect to see kids in peril, scary visual effects, a monster, a few jump scares, bullies, and characters smashing things. A car crash is suggested through the sound of squealing brakes. Language includes a few uses of "s--t" (spoken by adult characters), as well as "hell," "boner," "loser," and "freak." Fortnite is mentioned, and SpongeBob SquarePants plays a fairly large part in the story: Oliver frequently watches scenes from the cartoons, and he hums the theme song to calm himself. His parents seem to be having relationship troubles, but sex isn't an issue.

In COME PLAY, Oliver (Azhy Robertson) is a boy on the autism spectrum who loves SpongeBob SquarePants. Oliver doesn't speak, instead communicating with his mother (Gillian Jacobs) and father (John Gallagher Jr.) via an app on his cell phone. One day a mysterious ebook, Misunderstood Monster, shows up on his device. It tells the story of "Larry," a monster who wants a friend and will "climb through a window" to get one. During a sleepover with three other boys -- a hopeful attempt to get Oliver to make some friends -- Larry manifests himself. From then on, it's only a matter of time until Larry comes for Oliver. Can his parents protect him?

But from the opening moments of horror movie "Come Play," which features the plucky animated sponge quite a bit, it becomes clear that in this context, "Spongebob" is so much more than a means of wholesome entertainment.

The subject of an e-book called "Misunderstood Monsters," Larry is only able to come to life when someone reads and finishes his story. But with Oliver growing increasingly isolated from family and classmates, Larry soon begins terrorizing Oliver and his family.

As Larry grows stronger, he increases his attacks on Oliver and his family, cornering Oliver's dad in an empty parking lot, and even choking one of Oliver's friends. But despite the terror taking over his life, Oliver is actually able to become closer to his parents.

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A non-verbal autistic boy named Oliver becomes haunted by a monster called Larry that wants a friend. Oliver has no friends because of his condition, and his mother Sarah has a hard time with her son getting close to her.

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A little boy named Oliver, played by Azhy Robertson, is the central character of the film. Oliver almost immediately comes in contact with supernatural forces as the movie starts. Oliver has a cell phone, something a bit odd for a child to have, but it soon becomes clear that he is reliant on the phone. Unable to speak, due to being autistic, Oliver utilizes an application that speaks for him.

It turns out that the cell phone monster, named Larry, is but a lonely and pitiful thing. He manifests through the book and can only be seen through the lens of a camera. At one point, as Oliver plays with a filter that turns his face into a skeleton, a second face appears in the closet behind him.

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I love the mother-son dynamic in this and with the extra layer of the son being autistic, it really creates such a deep bond between these characters. What did you enjoy about playing that mother-son dynamic?

Colby Felton and his son Trax hug in the McKenna Children's Museum during their come play your way event Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. Come play your way is a special time set aside by the museum for children with special needs and their immediate family.

Tameka Felton and her son Trax play a large operation game at the McKenna Children's Museum's come play your way event Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. Come play your way is a special time set aside for children with special needs and their immediate family.

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