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Appserv 64 Bit Windows 8 ((INSTALL))

Hola mira tengo el problema pero con el windows 7 de 32bits lo cual es que se instala todo perfecto pero cuando pongo localhos en el navegador me muestra todo correcto pero cuando voy en phpmyadmin se queda en pantalla en blanco claro que me pide usuario y contraseña lo cual lo pongo pero como le digo se queda en blanco porfa ayudame.

appserv 64 bit windows 8

Download Zip:

Saludos a los participantes, he logrado instalar el appserv en mi equipo portatil con windows 7 64bit, ahora bien el probelma es que no puedo instalar Joomla me da un error, alguno tiene referencia de que pueda estar sucediendo?

I have wampserver x64 installed with PHP 5.4.3 in windows 7 ultimate x64, I downloaded the apc extention from here extract it in ext/ directory and I set the extension in php.ini in /php and /apache directory.

We, as Open Source driven company, decided to publish and operate as real Open Source software. We're convinced, that this will be the best way to make itself part of the PHP community and let developers, like you, interested to help pushing PHP up to a new level, be part of the project. If you want to contribute, and we request you to do this, have a look at our Github repository.

Please keep in mind, that CE and all its libraries are licensed under the Open Source License 3.0 (OSL-3.0) which provides a maximum of flexibility to you and also to us. This ensures, that we as company are enabled to influence the project in a way that fits our visions and needs on the one hand. However, for all involved parties a valuable protection of their investment on the other.

Get the latest Version of free and enjoy the most powerful PHP infrastructure in the world with only one click! If you've any problems or questions, and you can't find an answer in our Documentation, feel free to contact us on Gitter

After that I run chkdsk C: /F on my system drive, chkdsk D: /F on my second partition and chkdsk F: /F on my USB external drive. All completed clean. Then I checked the services and run the Image backup to the USB external drive one more time. The system Image Copy backup failed again with the same error: The RPC server is unavailable (0x800706BA). I never had a problem with my Image backups on windows 7 or Windows 10 until the upgrade to version 1803, so it does look like a BUG.

I'm also having this issue with a clients machine. Very frustrating. Getting the error whilst backing up to a local external backup. Version 1803 and 32 Bit windows, though its a 64 Bit CPU -,- Installing2018-05 Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x86-based Systems to see if that resolves it.

Trying to restore the windows image back up using a Windows 10 system recovery disc (created with v1803 from one of the other systems) failed to start with the message that the image file was incorrect. Running the EaseUS recovery disc also failed with the message that the EaseUS backup was 'an incorrect version'! Likewise failure using a restore disc with version 1709

Using the cmd prompt option to restore the windows backup failed similarly. 72 hours of exploring every DISM recovery option, using an install.wim file extracted from the Windows iso source/install.esd failed. Recovery was impossible. 350c69d7ab


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