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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (English) Full HD Movie in Tamil - The Best Quality and Fastest Download

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (English) Full Tamil Movie Free Download

If you are a fan of action-packed horror movies, you might be interested in watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth and final installment in the original Resident Evil film series. Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, the movie follows Alice, a former security officer turned zombie hunter, as she returns to where it all began - the Hive in Raccoon City - to stop the evil Umbrella Corporation from unleashing a global apocalypse. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the movie's plot, characters, reception, and legacy, as well as tell you how you can download it for free in Tamil.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (English) full tamil movie free download

The Origin of the T-Virus

The movie begins with a flashback that reveals how the T-virus, a deadly bioweapon that turns humans and animals into zombies and mutants, was created. Dr. James Marcus, the founder of Umbrella Corporation, wanted to cure his daughter Alicia, who was suffering from a rare aging disease called progeria. He developed the T-virus from an untested embryonic project by his colleague Dr. Charles Ashford, hoping that it would regenerate Alicia's cells. However, he soon discovered that the virus had a fatal side effect - it reanimated dead cells and turned them into violent creatures. Marcus ordered the project to be terminated, but he was betrayed and killed by his protégé Dr. Alexander Isaacs, who took over Umbrella and continued to experiment with the virus.

The Final Battle Against Umbrella

The movie then jumps to the present day, where Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was supposed to be humanity's final stand against Umbrella in Washington D.C. She is contacted by the Red Queen (Ever Anderson), an artificial intelligence program that controls Umbrella's facilities. The Red Queen tells Alice that there is an anti-virus that can destroy all infected life forms on Earth, but it is hidden in the Hive, Umbrella's underground headquarters in Raccoon City. Alice has only 48 hours to reach the Hive before Umbrella unleashes its final strike against the remaining human settlements. Along the way, she encounters zombies, monsters, traps, and Umbrella's soldiers led by Isaacs (Iain Glen), who has cloned himself multiple times.

Alice's Allies and Enemies

On her journey to Raccoon City, Alice reunites with her old friend Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), who is leading a group of survivors living in a makeshift fortress. Among them are Abigail (Ruby Rose), a mechanic; Doc (Eoin Macken), a doctor; Razor (Fraser James), a sharpshooter; Christian (William Levy), a soldier; Cobalt (Rola), a scout; and Michael (Lee Joon-gi), an Umbrella operative who infiltrated their ranks. Alice also meets Wesker (Shawn Roberts), Umbrella's former head who betrayed her in Washington D.C., but now claims to be on her side. Wesker gives Alice access to Umbrella's weapons and vehicles, but he also secretly implants a bomb in her body.

The Revelation of Alice's Identity

As Alice reaches the Hive, she learns more about her past and her connection to Umbrella. She discovers that she is actually a clone of Alicia Marcus (also played by Jovovich), who is still alive but old and frail due to progeria. Alicia is also the original owner of the Red Queen, who was modeled after her childhood appearance and personality. Alicia reveals that she inherited Umbrella from her father after his death, but she was unaware of Isaacs' plans to use the T-virus as a weapon. She also tells Alice that she created her as a way to preserve her memories and legacy.

The Release of the Anti-Virus

Alice manages to reach the chamber where the anti-virus is stored, but she is confronted by Isaacs, who reveals his true motive - he believes that humanity is corrupt and sinful, and he wants to cleanse the world with a biblical plague. He also reveals that he has been manipulating Alice's actions through his clones and Wesker, who he controls with a remote device. He plans to use Alice's blood, which contains traces of the T-virus, to create a new race of humans that will inherit the Earth after he kills everyone else with his army of zombies. Alice fights Isaacs in a brutal hand-to-hand combat while Claire battles Wesker in another room. Alice eventually kills Isaacs by stabbing him with his own knife, while Claire shoots Wesker in the head after he tries to detonate Alice's bomb.

Alice then releases the anti-virus into the air vents of the Hive, which causes it to spread across the globe through wind currents. However, she also realizes that doing so will kill her as well, since she is infected with the T-virus. She says goodbye to Alicia and Claire, and collapses on the floor.

The Movie's Reception and Legacy

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released in theaters on December 23, 2016 in Japan, and on January 27, 2017 in the United States. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it also became the highest-grossing film in the franchise, earning over $312 million worldwide against a $40 million budget. It also became one of the most successful video game adaptations of all time.

The Critical Response

The movie was praised for its action sequences, visual effects, and Jovovich's performance as Alice, but it was criticized for its convoluted plot, poor editing, and lack of character development. Some critics also felt that the movie did not provide a satisfying conclusion to the series, and left some questions unanswered. The movie has a 37% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 121 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may prove mind-numbingly chaotic for the unconverted, but for fans of the venerable franchise, it offers a fittingly kinetic conclusion to its violent post-apocalyptic saga."

The Box Office Performance

The movie performed well at the box office, especially in international markets. It opened at number one in Japan, China, Germany, France, and other countries. It also broke several records, such as becoming the highest-grossing film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the highest-grossing film starring Milla Jovovich, and the highest-grossing Resident Evil film. However, it also had some competition from other films, such as Split, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Hidden Figures. It ranked fourth at the North American box office on its opening weekend, with $13.6 million. It eventually grossed $26.8 million domestically, and $285.4 million internationally, for a worldwide total of $312.2 million.

The Future of the Franchise

Although Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was intended to be the last installment in the original series, it did not mark the end of franchise. In 2017, it was announced that a reboot of the film series was in development, with James Wan as a producer and Greg Russo as a writer. The reboot, titled Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, is set to be released on November 24, 2021. It will be directed by Johannes Roberts and star Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Avan Jogia, Tom Hopper, and Neal McDonough. The reboot will be more faithful to the video games and will feature the characters of Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Albert Wesker, and William Birkin.

Additionally, there are also other Resident Evil projects in the works, such as a live-action television series and an animated film. The live-action series will be produced by Netflix and will follow the Wesker children as they move to New Raccoon City and uncover the dark secrets of their father and Umbrella. The animated film, titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, will be released on Netflix in 2021 and will feature the return of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they investigate a zombie outbreak at the White House.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a thrilling and action-packed movie that concludes the original film series based on the popular video game franchise. The movie follows Alice as she returns to Raccoon City to stop Umbrella from wiping out humanity with a global apocalypse. Along the way, she faces zombies, monsters, traps, and enemies, as well as learns more about her past and her connection to Umbrella. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it also became the highest-grossing film in the franchise and one of the most successful video game adaptations of all time. The movie is not the end of the franchise, however, as a reboot and other projects are in development. If you are a fan of Resident Evil or enjoy horror movies with a lot of action and suspense, you might want to watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. You can download it for free in Tamil from various websites online.


  • Q: How long is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

  • A: The movie has a running time of 106 minutes.

  • Q: Who directed Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

  • A: The movie was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also wrote the screenplay and produced the movie.

  • Q: Who plays Alice in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

  • A: Alice is played by Milla Jovovich, who also plays Alicia Marcus in the movie.

  • Q: Is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter available on Netflix?

  • A: No, the movie is not available on Netflix at the moment.

  • Q: Is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter based on a video game?

  • A: Yes, the movie is based on the video game series by Capcom.


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