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The Fireproof Building, a National Historic Landmark, was the most fire protected building at the time of its construction in 1827. Aptly named for this architectural feature, the building was originally called the Charleston District Record Building. It is now believed to be the oldest building of fireproof construction in the United States. The Fireproof Building is also characteristic of the work of Robert Mills, the first native-born American to be trained as an architect, and a Charleston native. He worked with other important early American architects such as Thomas Jefferson, as a draftsman for Monticello, and Benjamin Latrobe, engineering the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Mills was responsible for the Washington Monumet and many public buildings throughout the State and nation.The Fireproof Building was constructed in a simple Greek Doric style, with minimal ornamentation, and conveys a sense of order and serenity. Because the building was designed to store public records safely, no flammable materials were used in its construction. The building consists primarily of solid masonry, with window sashes and shutters of iron. The high columnar porticoes on an arcaded basement and the triple windows are typical of Mills. Inside, an oval hall contains a cantilevered stone staircase, lit by a cupola. Of such sound construction, the Fireproof Building survived the 1886 earthquake unharmed, except for the exterior stairs. Currently the building is the headquarters for the South Carolina Historical Society, a private non-profit organization founded in 1856.


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Sotheby's is auctioning a special, fireproof copy of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale. Proceeds will go to support PEN America's work opposing book bans. Sotheby's hide caption

Bidding on a special, fireproof copy of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale ended on Tuesday afternoon, when the book was auctioned by Sotheby's for $130,000. Proceeds from the auction will go to PEN America's efforts to fight book banning.

All around the world, businesses rely on our NAS fireproof and waterproof storage devices. Whether catastrophe is in the form of fire, water, or even cyberattack, make ioSafe part of your business data recovery planning.

Few architectural elements are more basic or important than columns. Columns support building loads, while imparting spaces with a human scale. When designing an enclosed steel and concrete parking garage in the City of Boston, we specified Fire Trol fireproof columns for their durability, fire resistance, and aesthetically pleasing smooth outer shell. The open floor plan garage, with a central row of bright-colored columns, makes Fire Trol columns a central feature and organizing element of the garage. Fire resistance and impact resistance were achieved with columns that visually energize the space.

We were very happy with the Fire Trol Fireproof Columns we used at the Taconic High School Project. They eliminated the need for messy Intumescent Paint that would otherwise have been required on the exposed columns. The use of the Fire Trol Fireproof Columns allowed our schedule to be expedited, without having to go back to fireproof the columns and it resulted in cost efficiencies eliminating the need for expensive Intumescent Painting.

Contrary to popular belief, safety deposit boxes are not fireproof. This means that they are not immune to heat and fire. During a fire, if the temperature inside the bank vault rises to 451 degrees Fahrenheit, paper documents will ignite. At 1,763 degrees Fahrenheit, jewelry and other metal items will melt.

We often see products being sold as fire resistant or fireproof. Both terms are now in common usage in the marketing of a huge range of different items. And while the meaning of these terms appears quite clear, there are subtle differences in how the phrases are used to market different products.

Check with order or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express). Books may bereturned within ten days of receipt for any reason. Minnesota residents add6.875% sales tax. Fireproof Books is a sole proprietorship. The business addressis 13958 Oakland Place, Minnetonka MN 55305. The email address is telephone number is 612-817-8993. Authorized representatives of the companyare Mark Larson and William Stevens.

A fireproof blanket in the PC's possession will completely protect all items in the backpack from fire damage, regardless of its B/U/C status. However, each time the PC's inventory is protected from fire damage, the blanket itself has a chance to be destroyed which is influenced by B/U/C status: a blessed blanket is more likely to survive than an uncursed one, while a cursed blanket is much more susceptible to destruction. This chance may be further modified by the PC's luck.

If the PC has multiple fireproof blankets in their inventory, only one blanket (with the most favorable B/U/C status) will be vulnerable to destruction each time the PC is exposed to fire damage. It is therefore advantageous to carry multiple fireproof blankets if possible, as each additional blanket will serve as a backup layer of protection.

I have a normal WalMart-style fireproof safe that I use to store important documents. I've also been using it to store backup DVDs, each in its own slim case. This takes up a bit of space though, so I was thinking of putting them into one of the small CD flip folders, and putting the whole folder in the fireproof safe.

I have a sentry safe fireproof box which I used to store my bluray backups, just recently I tried to use one of the disc and was unable to do so. I looked at the disc and could see rot under the top protective layer. So there was no way to clean this and make it usable again. Such fireproof boxes are well insulated causing humidity and condensation over a few months which can lead to disc rot much sooner then it's lifespan. Something to consider

Regulators allow utilities to pass on a portion of such replacement costs, but the overall price tag for future fireproofing across the state has yet to be determined. Nor is it clear how much of the tab will fall to consumers. 041b061a72


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