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LANGE Pharmacology Flashcards

Tapping on the Flashcards button takes us to a flashcard listing where all available categories are displayed. The free starter pack includes 10 complimentary flash cards organized into 11 categories. The complete set of 213 flashcards can be purchased in-app for a more intensive review. The Pharmacology LANGE Flash Cards has an interesting feature that helps you sort the flash cards into unknown, known and mastered stacks. This can be of great help while on the go.

LANGE Pharmacology Flashcards

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DescriptionThese are lange pharmacology from quizlet Sample (from 295 notes) Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button. Front Zolpidem Back *GABA receptor agonist (like benzos)-->decreased CNS activity*Use = short-term tx of insomnia (non-addictive!)"zzz-olpidem"*SE = hallucinations, mild anterograde amnesia* Add Reverse Tags Front Warfarin/Dicumarol Back Inhibits Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of 2,7,9,10, C and S in liverLong half-life; slow onsetMonitor PTUses = chronic anticoagulation in pts at risk for thromboembolismSE = bleeding (tx with fresh frozen plasma (fastest) or Vitamin K (slower)); teratogenAlso can-->skin necrosis (d/t transient hypercoagulation b/c protein C has shortest half-life and therefore goes away fastest)Metabolized by p450 (drug interactions) Add Reverse Tags Front Sucralfate Back Promote healing of duodenal ulcers by binding/providing physical protection to mucosal barrierRequires acidic environment to be activated (don't take with antacids, H2 blockers, PPIs...) Add Reverse Tags After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open it in the desktop program.

Flashcards make memorizing fun, challenging, and interesting. You can also bring them anytime and anywhere with you so you could study and train your memory skills as you read them repeatedly. You may try creating your own sets of flashcards for pharmacology. State the drug class, dosage, mechanism of action, indications, contraindications, and prominent adverse effects. But if you want pre-made cards, I will suggest the following top 10 flashcards for pharmacology for your daily use.

Pharm Phlash Cards are quality sets of pharmacology flashcards at an affordable price. The cards are grouped according to organ systems such as sensory, GI, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc. There are tons of cards included which would surely help you prepare for your pharmacology exams.

The Lange Pharmacology Flashcards is composed of 230 flashcards which help you to compare different types of drugs, various mechanisms of actions, side effects, indications and contraindications, etc.

It implements various learning methods that would be suitable for medical student users with varying learning approaches. It contains detailed information like what you could find in your typical pharmacology books that helps medical students to get ready for their pharmacology exams.

This flashcard for pharmacology aims to help second-year medical students in their preparation for USMLE Step 1. The cards are organized according to the mechanism of action and are designed to enhance recall of pharmacology concepts.

Composed of 282 flashcards for pharmacology, PharMnemonics makes studying pharmacology fun and interesting! The cards showcase creative mnemonics and humor which make memorization easier.

Perfect for individual or group studies, it contains must-know information of pharmacology concepts. It includes important concepts on different topics such as respiratory system, cardiovascular system, antineoplastic, and many more.

I think the best flashcard for pharmacology is Lange Pharmacology Flashcards. At a very affordable price, you could already have a high-yield pharmacology review for your USMLE Step 1.

So hopefully, these flashcards for pharmacology is a useful memory technique for you to study pharmacology in the fastest, funniest, and easiest way possible. With these flashcards, you would be able to ace any pharmacology-related questions you might encounter in the future.

Close Window FLASHCARDSAccessPharmacy offers online flashcards to review Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacology, Top 100 Non Prescription Drugs and Pharmacy Calculation Review!

LANGE Pharmacy Calculations Flash Cards are a quick, portable, and effective way to master pharmacy math. Each Flash Card product provides a select set of interactive flashcards with the following features:

Fortunately, flashcards provide a quick and easy way to absorb knowledge, and you can carry them around with ease. In this article, I will list the 9 best USMLE flashcards for Step 1 available on the market.

Biochemistry knowledge and application are a crucial part of the USMLE exam. Students preparing for their test must review relevant biochemistry questions to be able to score well. These flashcards from Lippincott are an excellent way to review key topics quickly and conveniently.

This 250 card set is loaded with essential pharmacology knowledge relevant to all the USMLE steps. The cards are printed in full color and feature clear illustrations for better grasp of pharmacology concepts.

If you have looked into USMLE, you will know that Pathology makes up for a big chunk of Step 1 questions. These flashcards from Layan Dev are ideal for pathology coverage on step 1. There are a total of 2400 flashcards with explanations, and 800 of them are image-based questions.

The good thing is that many of these questions repeat on different tests. These flashcards from Kaplan provide the most frequent treatment questions that appear on USMLE. The 200 flashcards have questions on one side and the answer on the other.

USMLE Step 1 flashcards by Mometrix is a convenient way to study the various step 1 topics on the go. The flashcards take very little space, and the text is clear and sharp. However, I have to say these do not contain any illustrations or diagrams. On the whole, the cards do provide crucial information with the use of examples and analogies for a better grasp.

Lange pharmacology flashcards are created by former medical students at Yale. These flashcards are ideal for USMLE Step 1 and cover all key topics. The package contains 200 flashcards and each card covers a specific disease or drug. Moreover, you will also find high-yield facts and information on each card written in bold text.

LANGE flashcards are some of the best USMLE resources on the market. They make various flashcards for different USMLE topics, and their Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Flashcards are great for all steps of USMLE. Infectious diseases are a recurring topic throughout USMLE, and you need a firm grasp of various diseases to score well.

Lange also has biochemistry and genetics flashcards that pertain to Step 1 of the exam. These topics are extremely complex, but these flashcards provide a convenient way to target high-yield questions. Same as all Lange flashcards, one side of the card features a medical vignette while the other side has treatment and other information. 041b061a72


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