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We have demonstrated that it is possible to significantly improve a draft mammalian genome with a modest amount of additional NGS, a new genome assembler [9], consideration of gene contiguity, full use of all mapping data and careful annotation. MacaM works well for NGS studies requiring a high quality reference genome. An early version of the MacaM genome has already been used for expression analysis in a rhesus macaque model of HIV [46].

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Hozaifa Sayed has been teaching music production, audio engineering and topics entailing music technology since 2014. He is sincere in his practice of listening / learning constantly, in keeping up to date with technology and he loves to share this knowledge with budding producers and professionals alike. He has mentored scores of diploma & degree program students and currently runs his independent music mastering service as well a customised online one to one mentorship program for music production and mixing. As an Ableton CT, he is proud to have successfully mentored many budding artists / engineers / producers both in person and online.

With a history of playing in DIY Indie bands and live electronica acts, Matt Ridgway is a multi-faceted musician and educator from Melbourne, Australia. Working with Ableton Live since version 3 in early 2004, Matt has extensive knowledge and teaching experience with both Live and Push.

Yehezkel Raz is a multi-genre music producer, composer and pianist. He has used Ableton Live since version 5. Trained as a classical musician, Yehezkel discovered his passion for electronic music in 1999 and has been an active artist ever since. He has vast experience in music production and live setups...

He ended his sophomore year in late May with a 3.92 GPA on a 4.0 scale. He traveled across the Atlantic to compete in ELMS events and the Le Mans test days with Greaves. He raced Saturday, June 7 at Kansas in his 2014 full-time ride, a Mazda-powered Élan DP02 fielded by Performance Tech Motorsports in the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Powered by Mazda, before hopping on a plane for Paris the next day to begin Le Mans race week.Matthew McMurryPhoto by: Eric Gilbert

In the second category, at the current date, is it possible to include only the RIEGL VUX, in the two versions: UAV (primary lower ranging and scan rate) and LR (long range). This sensor differs from those belonging to the first category from this concept project, comparable with a full-scale aerial LiDAR sensor, and mounted on an aerial vehicle with a pilot, but made compact and suitable for use with UAVs.

The use and the number of GCPs depend on the required final accuracy of the positioning of the DSM and the quality of the UAV positioning system. As said before, it is possible to have on the UAV a GPS only or a multi-constellation receiver, but it is important to evaluate the combination between receiver and antenna, in order to define the final performances. In some cases, an external GNSS receiver can be installed and used to collect the raw data of the UAV path. This solution is adopted for direct photogrammetry applications (Turner et al. 2014; Eling et al. 2015; Mian et al. 2015; Gabrlik et al. 2018), where is required a high-resolution GNNS on board that reduce the importance and the impact of GCPs on the final accuracy of the DSM. The number of GCPs and their position is hard to define a priori, but some simple operative suggestions can be useful for proper distribution of these points: (i) follow the limit of the area of interest, (ii) insert other GCPs inside the area of interest considering also the elevation differences of the area. Other critical considerations that have to be evaluated during the deployment of GCPs are, according to James et al. (2017): (i) the importance of datum alignment to gravity (the distribution of targets can be carefully considered in particular if the final model can be used for modeling gradient-sensitive processes like, for example, rainfall or runoff models), (ii) the presence of vegetation at the scale of the physical control targets (that could hamper the identification of targets on images), (iii) the absolute 3D positioning.

Another important element that should be carefully considered during the definition of number and position of GCPs is the real effort that the deployment and survey of these points required. Nex and Remondino (2014) proposed an evaluation of the time effort in a typical UAV-based photogrammetric workflow. The time effort evaluation proposed by Nex and Remondino (2014) is as follows: flight planning, 5%; image acquisition, 20%; GCPs field measurement, 15%; image triangulation, 15%; DSM generation, 25%; ortho mosaicking, 10%; feature extraction, 10%. Nowadays, working with the traditional photogrammetry the time usually required for the survey of GCPs is twice or more the time necessary for the UAV survey. This element should be carefully considered because the deployment of targets has to be done before the flight, and this activity can constrain the UAV flight activity that often should be done in the central part of the day to limit the influence of shadows.

Nowadays, the most used solution for UAV image sequence process is based on the structure from motion (SfM) algorithms. A typical SfM process workflow can be found in many articles such as Turner et al. (2014) and Ajayi et al. (2017). A full description of how the structure from motion works is out from the scope of this manuscript, which is aimed to presents the principal elements of the procedure and some operative suggestions. The number of software that are able to acquire the photo sequence and process the available data are progressively increased in last years and now are available both freeware applications and commercial solutions. The most complete software have a detailed guide that describes the sequence of processes that starts from the camera calibration and the image orientation, and that continues with the image matching technique (Westoby et al. 2012).

The use of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) interactions to predict complex diseases is getting more attention during the past decade, but related statistical methods are still immature. We previously proposed the SNP Interaction Pattern Identifier (SIPI) approach to evaluate 45 SNP interaction patterns/patterns. SIPI is statistically powerful but suffers from a large computation burden. For large-scale studies, it is necessary to use a powerful and computation-efficient method. The objective of this study is to develop an evidence-based mini-version of SIPI as the screening tool or solitary use and to evaluate the impact of inheritance mode and model structure on detecting SNP-SNP interactions. We tested two candidate approaches: the 'Five-Full' and 'AA9int' method. The Five-Full approach is composed of the five full interaction models considering three inheritance modes (additive, dominant and recessive). The AA9int approach is composed of nine interaction models by considering non-hierarchical model structure and the additive mode. Our simulation results show that AA9int has similar statistical power compared to SIPI and is superior to the Five-Full approach, and the impact of the non-hierarchical model structure is greater than that of the inheritance mode in detecting SNP-SNP interactions. In summary, it is recommended that AA9int is a powerful tool to be used either alone or as the screening stage of a two-stage approach (AA9int+SIPI) for detecting SNP-SNP interactions in large-scale studies. The 'AA9int' and 'parAA9int' functions (standard and parallel computing version) are added in the SIPI R package, which is freely available at _Software/. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. 350c69d7ab


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