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Lloyd Phillips
Lloyd Phillips

Only God Forgives Felirat Magyar

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Only God Forgives felirat magyar

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Levin's acceptance of the first inklings of faith iscatalyzed by a conversation with the peasant supplier Fedor. He tells Levinthat one peasant, Mityukha, "lives only for his need [and] only stuffshis belly" while Fokanych, an older peasant, forgives his debtors and"lives for his soul [and] remembers God" (19: 376). This, ofcourse, while unpretentious and nothing extraordinarily revealing, shocksLevin. Having studied so many Western farming manuals in order to make hisestate profitable, he finds living for anything other than one'ssurvival and material needs to be entirely alien, although part of him hasalways known that the answers he seeks lie outside those works. He goes to anisolated field to reflect on this unexpected statement. 041b061a72


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