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Even-Odd Betting – How to Play Even-Odd Betting in Online Soccer Betting

What is Odd/Even Betting?

The even/odd (E/O) bet, in simple terms, is a betting format where players predict whether the total number of goals in a match will be an even or odd number. With this type of bet, players don't need to concern themselves with which team will win; they only need to choose one of two options: even or odd. Since there are only two choices, the odds of winning this bet are 50/50.

On the bookmaker's betting board, players will notice symbols such as:

E – Even: Betting on an even total, predicting that the total goals will be 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.

O – Odd: Betting on an odd total, predicting that the total goals will be 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.

Many players choose this betting format because of its high probability of winning. However, the outcome isn't simply based on luck; it involves a process of monitoring, analyzing bets, swiftly understanding the situation, and making decisive choices. Not every player, even sports experts, can accurately predict the total number of goals in a match.

For even/odd bets, players can wager on individual halves of the match or on the entire game. Almost all reputable soccer betting sites offer even/odd bets for football matches.

Some common types of Odd/Even bets at online bookmakers:

Soccer is always a sport that attracts a lot of attention and strong participation from bettors. To easily participate and choose a suitable soccer bet, you need to understand the details of soccer betting options as well as the various betting choices. Below are some common betting options for Odd/Even bets at bookmakers.

The types of Odd/Even bets in soccer betting include:

Odd/Even Bet

The Odd/Even Total Goals bet is a type of wager quite similar to the Over/Under bet, as it is based on the total number of goals scored in a match. However, instead of betting on whether the number of goals will be over or under like in O/U bets, with Odd/Even bets, you simply predict whether the total goals scored by both teams will be an odd or even number. If no goals are scored, it will be considered even for settlement purposes. If a match is abandoned, bets are void unless the outcome has already been determined.

Odd/Even - Bet on the result of the entire match.

Odd/Even 1st Half - Bet only on the result of the 1st half.

Odd/Even 2nd Half - Bet only on the result of the 2nd half.

Other betting options:

Odd/Odd: Both the away and home teams have an odd number of goals.

Odd/Even: The home team wins with an even number of goals, and the away team scores an odd number of goals.

Even/Odd: The home team has an even number of goals, and the away team has an odd number of goals.

Even/Even: Both the away and home teams have an even number of goals.

Odd/Even Bet for Each Team

Predict whether the total number of goals scored by each team will be even or odd. If a team scores 0 goals, it is counted as an even number for settlement purposes. If the match is suspended, all bets are void unless the result has already been determined.

Odd/Even for each team – This bet is settled based on the full match result of the team you have wagered on.

Odd/Even for 1st Half for each team – This bet is settled based on the 1st half result of the team you have wagered on.

Odd/Even for 2nd Half for each team – This bet is settled based on the 2nd half result of the team you have wagered on.

Other Odd/Even Bets

In addition to these types of bets, bookmakers also offer various other options for this kind of betting, such as total number of yellow/red cards, total corners, total fouls, injury time, etc. These are quite similar in principle to Over/Under bets that bettors commonly engage in sports betting.

Corner Kick Bet: Total number of corners Odd/Even (Full match, 1st half – 2nd half): Predict whether the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the match or the specified half will be odd or even.

Card Bet: Total number of cards Odd/Even: Predict whether the total number of cards (calculated as points) will be odd or even. A yellow card is counted as one point and a red card as two points.

Penalty Shootout Bet: Total number of penalty goals Odd/Even: Predict whether the total number of penalty goals will be odd or even.

How is the payout calculated in Odd/Even betting?

Whether betting on the entire match or just half of it, the formula for calculating winnings in even/odd bets is as follows:

Winnings = Even/Odd Odds x Amount Wagered

For example, in a match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.97 for odd and 1.93 for even for the whole match.

If a player bets 100k on even and the result is:

A score of 2 or any even number, then you win: 100 x 1.93 = 193k (including the original stake).

If the score is 1, 3, 5, 7, etc., then you lose the 100k you originally bet.

Effective Strategies for Odd/Even Football Betting

Based on the form of the two teams

In even/odd betting, to increase your chances of beating the bookmaker, you should research the recent form of both teams. Teams' performances can vary over time, and understanding these fluctuations is crucial in football. Players who grasp the situation, strength, and strategies of both teams can make more appropriate sure home win prediction.

If both teams are in good form and have similar strengths, the likelihood of a draw is higher, and therefore the even option might have a better chance of winning.

Conversely, if the teams are in different forms and have unbalanced strengths, the winning team will be easier to determine, and the odd option might have a higher chance of winning.

In cases where there is a significant disparity in team performance, leading to potentially many goals in the match, players should consider choosing the even/odd total score bet.

To understand the form of the two teams, you can visit reputable betting forums and trustworthy soccer betting websites to update information, assess the teams' form, and apply suitable strategies for the best results in even/odd betting.

Place Odd/Even bets for each half

Or if you are someone who already has a lot of necessary judgment skills, you can absolutely choose to bet on Odd/Even for each half of the match. This allows you to observe and track the dynamics of the game while minimizing potential risks, enabling more flexible adaptation in your own betting strategy.

The timing of placing a bet is also a factor that greatly affects your winning or losing outcome. For Odd/Even bets, experienced bettors advise that we should not place bets in the first half, especially in matches where the two teams are strong and evenly matched.

The first half can have many fluctuations, so the outcome of the bet is often hard to predict. Therefore, be very cautious when placing bets in such matches. If you are not very experienced in Odd/Even betting, wintip recommends that you should minimize placing bets right in the first half.

Based on the handicap odds

Players use the handicap odds provided by the bookmaker to predict the match score, where the total goals must be either even or odd. To win in even/odd betting, you need to analyze the bookmaker's handicap. Researching and analyzing the handicap before placing a bet gives you an advantage in even/odd betting.

Consult reliable predictions

Experts advise consulting predictions from reputable soccer websites for the most effective betting analysis. This experience in even/odd betting is highly trusted by long-time experts due to its high winning rate. Prepare to engage in betting with a relaxed mindset and approach it as a form of entertainment for the most sensible decision-making.

Additionally, you can refer to free soccer tips on reputable websites to help players more easily choose accurate and effective betting odds.

Consider Odd/Even bets as secondary bets

When betting, players should not focus too much on winning or losing. Bet with small amounts of money, depending on your personal finances. Dividing your bets into several smaller ones and participating in multiple side bets at the same time can limit your losses. However, to make the most effective best app for football prediction in even/odd betting, players need to closely monitor the even/odd odds before and during the match as they can change unexpectedly.

Maintain a good mindset

A player with a relaxed mindset is more likely to win in online soccer betting. When calm, players make clear-headed decisions and don't simply follow the crowd. Many choose even/odd bets due to the high likelihood of winning and attractive payout rates at bookmakers. If you're looking for a new but not overly complex betting format, even/odd betting is an ideal choice.

Some tips for choosing Odd/Even bets

  • Players should limit their bets on even-odd odds for either half or the whole game. This type of betting is very unpredictable and carries a high risk. If you don't have experience in even-odd betting, you should not participate.

  • For matches where the two teams are evenly matched, players should bet even-odd for the whole game.

  • Players should pay attention to the even-odd betting rules in each system and then make betting decisions accordingly.

  • Players should apply a fixed amount of money to their bets and bet on various types instead of just one type to ensure that their capital is not lost.

  • Bet on even if the two competing teams are evenly matched.

  • You should not bet on even-odd with high reward rates.

  • In some historical head-to-head matches with few goals scored, usually draws or wins with a score of 1-2, players will have an easier chance of winning these bets. However, in matches with many goals, it is advisable to limit even-odd bets as it is hard to accurately predict the score.

  • Consider first-half betting in matches where two strong teams are evenly matched; the likelihood of a 0-0 draw will be higher.

  • This bet is highly unpredictable, so players should only bet a small, affordable amount; it will help avoid significant losses.

  • Players may combine their bets with a progressive betting strategy to increase their chances of winning.

Even/Odd betting is not too difficult to predict when players are just starting out. With good thinking and applying a reasonable strategy, the high win rate attracts many participants, especially those who are new to online betting. We hope that the information we have provided above will help you participate in soccer betting smoothly and earn the most profit. Additionally, you can join betting tips telegram groups for further insights.


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