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The Fisherman Movie Download Hd LINK

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The Fisherman movie download hd

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"That depends largely upon the fisherman. Ofcourse, there is an element of luck in fishing. Experiencecounts for something, too, but in the main,as in everything else, it is the amount of work thatdecides success or failure. Some of my men makeas high as two hundred dollars a week, othershardly make a living."

"Pompano," snarled a sallow-faced, tough-lookingfisherman near him. "That's just the luck ofthat Roberts gang. Tarnation stuck up guys.Won't have nothing to do with us fishermen. Thinkthemselves too good. They are greenhorns too.Only started fishing this season. They have regularfools' luck though. Just like their luck to hita nice bunch like that when better fishermen arecoming in without a fish. They had ought to berun out of Clearwater."

Charley thanked the friendly fisherman. "Wewill be over there soon," he promised. "We arenew to the place and we would like to get somepointers right off but we are just getting settledand must hurry off now."

Charley ducked with the quickness he had learned[70]in a Y. M. C. A. gym and at the same instant drovehis right fist forward with all of his weight behindit. It caught the sallow fisherman fair on hischin and sent him reeling backwards. He staggeredand almost fell but recovering himself withan oath whipped out his sheath knife and camerushing at the plucky lad.

"That's all right," answered Charley, heartily."Just forget it. Every one gets a little riled sometimes,and fishing is mighty hard on the temper."[87]But the lad knew that the flashes of temper wouldcome many times before his chum became a seasonedfisherman. "Oh, well," he consoled himself,grimly, "it's no use trying to avoid them,the sooner they come and go, why, the better."

"They are oftentimes easier to find at night,"Charley affirmed. "There is nearly always more orless phosphorescence in the water and a fish can notmove without leaving a glowing streak in his wake,that is, if he is within ten feet of the surface. Anexpert fisherman can tell by the character of thebright streak the kind of fish that makes it. Eachspecies makes a different kind of movement and anexpert can read their trails like a hunter readstracks. Nights when the water does not fire it isharder, for then the fisherman has to go by sound.Each kind of fish makes its own peculiar noise butit is hard to distinguish some of them apart andstill harder to tell their size. Our nets are madefor mullet and that is the only kind of fish we needbe concerned with."

As they crept slowly on into the night, Walterwas surprised to see how teeming the waters werewith life. On every side of his boat, fiery streaksmarked the passage of finny creatures. At times,he passed through spaces fairly aglow with themovements of them. As Charley had said, therewas a marked difference in the character of thewater trails. Some were close to the surface,while others showed deep below. Some were longand continuous in a straight line. Others twistedand turned, while still others seemed to run only alittle ways and then stopped suddenly. But they[90]all marked the passage of fish, and he soon beganto wonder why Charley did not give the signal tocircle them. At first, he consoled himself with thethought that his chum knew what he was doing, butas they rowed steadily on mile after mile throughthe flashing schools, he began to have doubts.After all, Charley had admitted that he was not anexperienced fisherman. Perhaps Charley was notpassing through the same schools. Perhaps he wasnot watching close. Walter's arms and back beganto ache from the steady rowing and as his fatigueincreased he began to get irritated. Why all thissteady rowing on and on when there were plentyof fish all about them. The same thoughts werepassing through Captain Westfield's mind but hehad been bred in a calling which demands constantpatient obedience to the one in command. Hehad elected to follow Charley's leadership and thatwas the end of it. He would do it without question.

"Look here, Hunter," he said in his straightforwardway, "I want to impress one thing on you soyou will not forget it. This lad and his companionsare friends of ours and anyone that does anyof them harm, has not only them to reckon withbut with the Roberts boys also, remember that!"Then turning his back to the scowling fisherman, hesaid good-by to Charley and walked away, indifferentto the lowering glances of Hunter's cronies.

When the kindly-hearted fisherman was gone,the three sat long debating gloomily what theyshould do but arriving at no decision. "We mightas well turn in," said Captain Westfield at last.[167]"Thar's only one thing I can see clearly. We mustgo to Mr. Daniels to-morrow, like men, and tellhim about our loss. If he can give us any work todo, we must take it and work until we have paidhim every cent we owe, if it takes a year to do it."

After the weary days in the dismal swamp, theyrejoiced in the new country they had entered. Abroad, white sand beach made walking easy andtheir eyes were delighted with the ever-changinglandscape. Soon they began to come upon signs ofhuman habitation. Now a herd of cows grazing inplacid contentment, and later, a little shack perchedupon the beach and tenanted by a lone hermit of afisherman. From him, they learned that they werewithin fifteen miles of the city of Tampa.

The boys looked longingly at the fisherman'slittle sloop bobbing at anchor in the cove. Theywould have liked to have bargained for a passage toTampa but they had too little money in their pocketsto afford such a luxury.

"I expect it does look kind of queer to an outsider,"replied the man, reflectively. "But it's naturalenough when one gets to understand fishermen.[266]You seldom find a fisherman but who has been moreor less of a roamer and adventurer. Their liveshave made them self-reliant and taught them therather hard lesson that it don't pay to take upothers' quarrels. Unconsciously, perhaps, theirmotto is 'leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.'They may really be in sympathy with a man, butthey seldom will assist him in his disputes. Thattrait in them explains why Hunter lasts so long.They simply will not combine against him." 350c69d7ab


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