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When should a woman be given Couple Rings Set?

The engagement ring is a symbolic gift. The ring is not just a token of affection The ring is usually given to the person you cherish. But, it's not always easy to decide the right time to present this gift.

In this article, you will learn what is the best time to give an individual a ring.

When and why should you give an individual an engagement ring?

The ring is an ideal present for a woman. It can be given as a sign of love. It comes in a variety of designs. Naturally, there are no rules for presenting a ring, and it can be given on very diverse occasions: anniversary of a meeting, engagement one year of marriage and more.

In fact, the initial year of marriage is a highly symbolic moment for couples. It's a time of affection, commitment and love. The gift of a ring to commemorate the occasion is a great option to seal the date forever. Of course, this could be done for 2 years three years or 5 years of marriage.

What ring should you give a woman?

The occasion will decide the type of ring you select. French custom suggests that people pick simple rings for a woman's birthday and diamond-set rings for an engagement or wedding. Naturally, the choice of ring depends above all on the taste of the woman to whom you would like to gift the jewel.

Are you together without being married and you are celebrating an important moment in your relationship? We suggest that you choose a classic ring, designed in 925/1000 silver or 18 carat gold. Maison Arthus Bertrand offers a wide variety of elegant and romantic rings, suitable for all kinds of tastes and styles.

This can be a great moment to propose. In this scenario, you will be more inclined to choose an engagement ring.

When is the best time to give an engagement ring to your partner?

Engagements typically take place between six and twelve months before the wedding. It is not a requirement that must be adhered to and you are able to give your engagement ring at any point.

If you are planning a wedding during the fall or summer months it is recommended to plan the wedding in winter. In reality, planning for the ceremony can take several months.

Which ring for engagement to pick?

Choosing your engagement ring is an important decision. It's a symbol to show love and commitment. It should be chosen in accordance with the person's style and personal preferences. There are a lot of options available to you.

If you don't have a clear idea of what you're looking for, know that the diamond solitaire is one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry for this occasion.

Diamonds are a symbol of the love of life and eternality Two virtues that blend beautifully and sum up the idea behind the concept of engagement. This ring is elegant and romantic. It is an expression of your love.

When is the right time to gift women an engraved ring?

Finally, although the signet ring is long considered a "man's jewel" however, it is perfectly suitable for a woman. In this instance, you can give it as a present to express your love or as a birthday present.

The women's signet ring could be made in yellow gold, white silver, gold or even vermeil. The choices are wide to accommodate all fashions.

Also, Maison Arthus Bertrand offers half signet rings, which can be combined to create a unique form.


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