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Firefox 3.15 Free Download ((LINK))


A brand new stable Q4OS 4.6 version, codenamed 'Gemini' is immediately available for download and use in productive environments. This is a long-term support LTS release, to be supported for at least five years with security patches and software updates. Apart from numerous significant improvements and fixes, Q4OS Gemini enhances hardware support, making the operating system more stable and reliable.Q4OS Gemini is based on Debian Bullseye 11 and Plasma 5.20, optionally Trinity 14.0.10 desktop environment, and it's available for 64bit/x64 and 32bit/i686pae computers, as well as for older i386 systems without PAE extension. We are working hard to bring it for ARM devices as well.Desktop profiler, an exclusive Q4OS tool, has custom profiles support now, so a user can export the current desktop status snapshot, modify it and even create customized profiles on his own. Any profile is importable, so a user can import and apply it later on another hardware, getting a unique possibility of easy installation and configuration of the pre-defined set of applications and packages at once. In other words, a user easily gets a fresh operating system installation configured and ready to work with a minimal post installation effort. In addition, each desktop environment may keep its own applications profiles.One of the Q4OS specific goals is the ability to keep Plasma and Trinity desktops alongside each other installed. Users can switch back and forth between more advanced Plasma or efficient Trinity desktop. Both desktops can independently coexist side by side and don't interfere with each other. Plasma is being the logical primary choice for most of users, so it's considered to be the default option, which is also obvious from the Q4OS downloads site.The primary Q4OS aim is stability. We want to provide as stable as possible operating system for companies as well as for individuals. Once installed and configured, Q4OS will work reliably in a long standing way, getting security fixes and updates. Adopting a new feature into the core system could be committed in a highly exceptional cases only. We treat such possible cases as best as possible, doing testing and investigating consequences carefully before such a change.We will keep Q4OS free for everyone forever. Enjoy the operating system and feel free to download installation media images from the Downloads section of the Q4OS website.

An update to Q4OS 3 Centaurus LTS has been released. The new 3.15 series receives the recent Debian Buster 10.10 update, updated Debian stable kernel and important security and bug fixes. This update brings along a few Q4OS specific improvements, fixes and a cumulative upgrade covering all the changes from the previous stable Q4OS 3 Centaurus release.Current users only need to perform a regular update to get all the new features. Anyone is welcome to download installation media images from the Downloads section of the Q4OS website.

Now that Debian Linux 11.0 Bullseye is frozen, it won't be long until the final release is announced, so Q4OS 4 Gemini testing branch is approaching the final contours too. The new Q4OS Gemini 4.4 release features Linux kernel 5.10 and Plasma desktop environment 5.20 by default. Trinity desktop environment version 14.0.10 is ready for installation using the Desktop profiler tool. Debian Bullseye packages has been received in their latest versions, Q4OS specific packages has been updated as well.Feel free to download live media for 64bit computers from the dedicated Testing releases site. Q4OS 4 Gemini will be in development until Debian Bullseye becomes stable, and it will be supported at least five years from the official release date.

An update to the Q4OS 4 Gemini testing branch is immediately available for download as 64bit live media. The new 4.2 release is based on Debian 11 Bullseye and features Plasma desktop environment by default. New visual Plasma themes have been added, they are now available in system settings util


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