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How to Download and Use Yvert et Tellier Catalogues in PDF Format

In 1958, Dr. Hedley Page published an English catalogue of stamps with a preface written by the president of the Royal Philatelic Society (5th Series, No 6). Philately is printed in the same colour as the issue, in most cases plain paper. In 1969, three notable philatelic titles were published. The Allen's Stamps of the World was perhaps the first traditional dealer catalogue. It carried stamps almost exclusively from the United States and Great Britain, but also included stamps from the following modern nations: Canada, Japan, and Hungary. The American Philatelist Great Stamps of the World, edited by Harry H. Allen, was one of the first philatelic deluxe catalogues. Only a few of the 1,700 stamps included are actually from the World. Most of the photographs are in rich chromolithographs and highlighted with distinctive gold embossing. The color of the paper is important because stamps with a matte finish attract light. In 1973, the definitive Encyclopaedia of Postal Authorities by Alec Cairns appeared. There is no question that Cairns was a passionate philatelist and that he was one of the most influential stamp dealers in the world. The author of The Stamp Collector's Handbook for many decades, Cairns writes that the philatelic world had been dominated since the beginning of the twentieth century by stamp dealers. Until then, philatelic products were too expensive to be distributed in a profitable manner. The dealers profited by acting as intermediaries, buying stamps in bulk at high prices, for resale to collectors at low prices (Cairns, 1992: 66). Cairns believes that collectors have been socialized into this way of thinking. Cairns writes that the philatelic hobby has historically been dominated by commercial stamp dealers. It may be more accurate to say that stamp dealers were primarily, but not exclusively, commercial. In recent decades, philatelic gatherings and stamp exhibitions have also been sponsored by stamp dealers, and stamp dealers were dominant in the financing of stamp shows.

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