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6+ experiences of experts when playing 3-way handicap betting

What is 3-way handicap betting? Surely for new bettors, 3-way handicap betting is a completely new and unfamiliar concept. Let's explore effective ways to play so you won't be confused and can win handsome rewards when betting!

What is 3-way handicap betting?

3-way handicap betting, also known as 3-way betting, is a type of bet developed from Asian Handicap. However, with 3-way handicap betting, the odds will be rounded to draw. In addition, odds such as 0.5, 0.25, 0.75 will not appear corresponding to Asian Handicap.

Until now, this type of bet provided by trader bookmaker offers players many different options. You can bet on the entire match or choose a side. Moreover, to increase player choice, there will be some types of over/under combined with 3-way handicap betting.

How is the 3-way handicap betting calculated?

Compared to Handicap betting, the way to play football betting of 3-way handicap betting is similar by placing bets on the entire match or by placing bets on the first half.

The amount you win with this 3-way bet will be calculated according to the following formula:

Winnings = Bet amount x Odds of 3-way handicap betting.

And you will lose all the money you bet if you lose. Bookmakers will refund you the entire amount if the match is canceled.

Experiences applying 3-way handicap betting

The key point to help you approach this type of game more easily is the experience of experts. 3-Way handicap betting, like other types of betting, requires you to know some basic tricks. That way, your winning probability will be higher than normal, and therefore, your losses will be significantly reduced. Here are some experiences of 3-way betting that the article has compiled for you from long-time bettors.

Choose reputable best bookmaker odds

You must choose a reputable bookmaker before placing bets, of course, this bookmaker is also trusted by many players. This choice will help you avoid being deceived if you accidentally participate in a scam bookmaker. Then, in the same match, you will compare the value of the odds between bookmakers. From there, to participate in 3-way handicap betting, you will choose the bookmaker with the best odds.

Stable psychological state when betting

The main issue is the player's psychological state because it affects your decision. Please analyze each match carefully before placing bets and make your own choices. Never let yourself be influenced by other players.

Know how to choose suitable matches

You must choose matches with the highest winning probability because each match has a different winning probability. The advice from experts for you to minimize the risk of losing bets is to choose matches between weaker and stronger teams.

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Good capital management when betting on 3-way handicap betting

Betting is not just about betting on one match, but you will have to bet on many different matches, so it's best to know how to control your capital. You can use winnings from other matches to compensate if you unfortunately lose this match.

Therefore, you really need to control your budget when participating in 3-way handicap betting. When planning your finances, your criteria should be: In a day, set a maximum amount of money you are allowed to spend. This is the maximum allowed in case of losing bets.

Analyze the situation of each team

Players will also be affected before the match starts due to external influences. Therefore, before the match takes place, you should analyze the situation based on the following criteria:

In the most recent matches, the form of each opponent and how each player performed to make your choice. Examples of questions: Is a player red-carded or injured?

The coach of this team has been warned and cannot lead the next match.

Are there any club or player issues affecting their morale?

Address of reliable 3-way handicap betting sites nowadays

Currently, there are many 3-way handicap betting sites. However, be careful with bookmakers that offer much higher bonus rates than others. Because this could be a trap, you could lose all your money if you're not careful. Prioritize choosing bookmakers that meet the following criteria:

Have a commercial license issued by the competent authority.

Stable and reasonable betting odds, less fluctuation.

When players win bets, the bookmaker will promptly pay. This is called the green level that any bettor loves such bookmakers.

Quick customer support, cooperative attitude.

Above, the article has provided information about 3-way handicap betting for you to refer to. win tips bet bookmaker wishes you success!


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