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Lloyd Phillips
Lloyd Phillips

Sniper Elite V2 Coop Crack Hamac

The nature of Elite is to try and simulate a utopia. the number of ships you have and their characteristics are pretty much set in stone. that means there are many spaces where you will find yourself unable to play the game. Its not really possible to make Elite more realistic than it is in terms of sounds, visuals, things like that. You'd need to get into the guts of the computers to change all that. The only way the Elite ship AI changes is that the developers try to make it more fun, they try to make it not try to lead you into combat or not try to harm you as it would have in the official ships. A true AI flight AI which is always hoping to kill you and has no sympathy or respect for you would be a nightmare. its easy to make it a hell of a lot worse, so they dont.

Sniper Elite V2 Coop Crack Hamac

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This was actually the thing that encouraged me to look into the game. Its a good mix between Pirates of the caribbean and more traditional, older type of submarine campaign. The graphics are amazing, The AI in the other players ships looks human. Ive never experienced a better, more realistic AI. Games like this where the AI seems to act more human and play with your, is something rare. It has very good voice acting, sounds at least as good as movies. It has good music. Theres a whole bunch of well explained missions so you can play single player or coop and learn the ins and outs of the game. Theres a bunch of different plans available for play. A whole bunch of different ships. A bunch of different weapons. Some plans will fly you through the game very quickly, others will be just enough to teach you how to play, how to survive and help you get a high score.


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