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Venkat Jones
Venkat Jones

OP Game Script Hub (Sniff Hub)


Note: I've already tried setting up a proxy and logging that way. The game seems to be bypassing my Proxy settings. Other web traffic will go through my proxy, but not the game's traffic. I know it's using HTTP, because the game DOES obey the proxy on my friend's iphone (same game). So setting up a proxy isn't a solution that will work.

There are several free text-to-speech converter voices online. None of them sound like the voice in the clip. But, I agree, the voice in the video does seem familiar. It could be an edit, kind of reminds me of the site-alert computer voice in early half-life games.

But there is a third piece of information that people need to consider. As Steve Belovin briefly points out Huawei are well ahead of the game in 5G not just because they can manufacture at a lower cost, but because they are a long long way ahead on inovation. 781b155fdc


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