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How Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D 811200 13 Can Help You with Site and Road Design Projects

Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D 811200 13: The Ultimate Guide

If you are involved in designing or reviewing site and road projects, you know how important it is to ensure that all types of vehicles can move through safely and efficiently. You also know how challenging it can be to calculate curves, model vehicles, check clearances, analyze sight lines, and present your work to stakeholders.

Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D 811200 13

That's why you need AutoTURN Pro, the most advanced and comprehensive swept path software available. With AutoTURN Pro, you can easily check your site and road designs using over 1300 vehicles from its libraries, or customize your own. You can also run 3D simulations to visualize the impact of your design on the terrain and infrastructure. And you can automate processes, save time, and increase productivity with its smart tools and features.

In this ultimate guide, we will show you the benefits, features, and how to use AutoTURN Pro, as well as some case studies of how it has helped other professionals like you. By the end of this guide, you will be able to confidently use AutoTURN Pro for your next project.

Benefits of AutoTURN Pro

AutoTURN Pro is not just another swept path software. It is the industry standard for vehicle simulation and analysis. Here are some of the benefits of using AutoTURN Pro:

Take the complicated calculations out of the equation

AutoTURN Pro does the math for you. Eliminate the challenges of calculating curves and modeling vehicles with different steering capabilities. Using a vehicle of your choice, AutoTURN Pro will compute the space requirements and show you the results, so you can focus on the important safety and operational components of your design.

Boost productivity and explore the best design options

Save time and make better decisions. Quickly create simulations and check multiple maneuvers for all vehicles accessing the site. Smart tools and automated processes help increase productivity and reduce human errors. Great for discovering the best design option or modeling more complex scenarios such as traffic calming and site circulation analysis.

Tackle complex urban design and complete streets projects

Embrace the future of urban design edit the vehicle parameters, such as dimensions, axle configurations, steering systems, body shapes, and colors. You can also create vehicle groups and favorites for easy access.

Advanced vehicle types

AutoTURN Pro supports a variety of advanced vehicle types that can handle complex maneuvers and situations. You can simulate vehicles with multiple articulations, such as tractor-trailers, buses with trailers, and fire trucks. You can also simulate vehicles with special steering systems, such as independent rear steering, all-wheel steering, and crab steering. Additionally, you can simulate vehicles with variable wheelbases, such as telescopic trailers and car carriers.

Reporting and presentation tools

AutoTURN Pro helps you create professional reports and presentations that document your design and analysis. You can generate reports that include vehicle information, simulation parameters, path data, clearance envelopes, sight distances, and more. You can also create animations that show your simulations in 3D, with options to control the camera angle, speed, and duration. You can export your reports and animations in various formats, such as PDF, DWG, DGN, AVI, and WMV.

Integration with CAD platforms

AutoTURN Pro works seamlessly with your preferred CAD platform. You can use AutoTURN Pro as a standalone application or as an add-on to AutoCAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation, or BricsCAD. You can also import and export data from other applications, such as Google Earth, SketchUp, Revit, and InfraWorks. AutoTURN Pro supports the latest versions and formats of CAD software.

How to use AutoTURN Pro

Now that you know the benefits and features of AutoTURN Pro, let's see how to use it for your projects. Here are the basic steps to follow:

Installation and activation

To install AutoTURN Pro, you need to download the setup file from the Transoft Solutions website or use the installation CD. You also need to have a valid license key and an internet connection. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process. To activate AutoTURN Pro, you need to register your product online or by phone. You can activate AutoTURN Pro on up to two computers per license.

User interface and settings

When you launch AutoTURN Pro, you will see the user interface that consists of the following elements: menu bar, toolbars, ribbon tabs, command window, drawing area, status bar, and dockable windows. You can customize the user interface according to your preferences and workflow. You can also adjust the settings of AutoTURN Pro from the Options dialog box. Here you can change the units, display options, vehicle parameters, simulation options, report options, and more.

Creating and editing simulations

To create a simulation in AutoTURN Pro , you need to select a vehicle from the vehicle library or create your own. Then, you need to select a path type from the SmartPath Tools or use the manual input mode. Next, you need to specify the start point and direction of your vehicle on the drawing area. Finally, you need to define the path parameters, such as radius, angle, length, speed, and steering method. AutoTURN Pro will generate the simulation and display the results on the screen. You can edit the simulation by using the grips, handles, and commands available on the ribbon tabs or toolbars.

Analyzing and modifying results

After creating a simulation, you can analyze and modify the results using AutoTURN Pro's tools and features. You can check the clearance envelopes, sight distances, and potential conflicts of your vehicle along the path. You can also run a 3D simulation to visualize the impact of your design on the terrain and infrastructure. You can modify the results by changing the vehicle parameters, path parameters, or display options. You can also use the advanced tools, such as reverse simulation, offset simulation, or conflict analysis.

Exporting and sharing data

When you are satisfied with your simulation, you can export and share your data with others using AutoTURN Pro's reporting and presentation tools. You can generate a report that includes all the relevant information about your simulation, such as vehicle information, simulation parameters, path data, clearance envelopes, sight distances, and more. You can also create an animation that shows your simulation in 3D, with options to control the camera angle, speed, and duration. You can export your report and animation in various formats, such as PDF, DWG, DGN, AVI, and WMV.

Case studies of AutoTURN Pro

To illustrate how AutoTURN Pro can help you with your projects, here are some case studies of how it has helped other professionals like you:

Example 1: Designing a roundabout for multiple vehicles

A civil engineer was tasked with designing a roundabout for a busy intersection in a suburban area. The roundabout had to accommodate multiple vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles. The engineer used AutoTURN Pro to create simulations for each vehicle type and check their movements through the roundabout. He was able to adjust the geometry of the roundabout to ensure adequate space and safety for all vehicles. He also used AutoTURN Pro's 3D capabilities to visualize the impact of his design on the surrounding environment.

Example 2: Simulating a bicycle lane for safety and efficiency

A transportation planner was working on a complete streets project that involved adding a bicycle lane to an existing road. The planner wanted to ensure that the bicycle lane was safe and efficient for cyclists and did not interfere with other modes of transportation. He used AutoTURN Pro to simulate the movements of bicycles along the road and check their interactions with cars, buses, pedestrians, and other cyclists. He was able to optimize the width and location of the bicycle lane to minimize conflicts and maximize comfort.

Example 3: Evaluating a site plan for accessibility and circulation

An architect was designing a site plan for a new commercial development that included a parking lot, a loading dock, and a drive-through service. The architect wanted to ensure that the site plan was accessible and functional for all types of vehicles that would access the site. He used AutoTURN Pro to simulate the movements of vehicles such as cars, td>Intel Core i5 or higher

RAM8 GB or higher

Hard Disk Space1 GB or higher

Graphics CardOpenGL 3.3 compatible with 2 GB of memory or higher

Display Resolution1920 x 1080 or higher

Internet ConnectionRequired for installation, activation, and updates

CAD PlatformAutoCAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation, or BricsCAD (latest versions and formats supported)

FAQ 3: How can I get support and training for AutoTURN Pro?

You can get support and training for AutoTURN Pro from various sources. You can contact the Transoft Solutions customer service team by phone, email, or online chat. You can also visit their website to access their online resources, such as tutorials, webinars, blogs, and forums. You can also join their user community and network with other AutoTURN Pro users. Additionally, you can request a customized training session from their experts.

FAQ 4: What are the differences between AutoTURN and AutoTURN Pro?

AutoTURN and AutoTURN Pro are both swept path software from Transoft Solutions, but they have some differences in terms of features and capabilities. AutoTURN is the basic version that allows you to create 2D simulations for standard vehicles and maneuvers. AutoTURN Pro is the advanced version that allows you to create 3D simulations for complex vehicles and scenarios. AutoTURN Pro also has more features, such as Swept Path 2.0 technology, SmartPath Tools, advanced vehicle types, reporting and presentation tools, and integration with CAD platforms.

FAQ 5: How can I get a free demo or trial of AutoTURN Pro?

You can get a free demo or trial of AutoTURN Pro from the Transoft Solutions website. You can request a live demo from their experts who will show you how AutoTURN Pro works and answer your questions. You can also request a free trial that will allow you to use AutoTURN Pro for a limited time and test its features and functions. To request a demo or trial, you need to fill out a form on their website and provide some basic information. dcd2dc6462


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