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Set in the year 2046, Neuro-Synchronization allows humans to virtually manipulate their five senses, where people can access the internet and enter virtual worlds via Neuro-Linkers. The series follows Haruyuki "Haru" Arita, a short, fat boy who has low self-esteem due to being bullied at school which Haru vents his frustrations in virtual world games. Haruyuki soon gets the attention of Kuroyukihime, the Student Council Vice-President who invites him into the "Accelerated World" called Brain Burst, a program that allows users to make time appear to stand still in their surroundings by "accelerating" their brainwaves in the real world. But in order to gain more points to accelerate, Brain Burst users fight each other in a virtual reality massive multiplayer online (VRMMO) fighting game where losing all of your points means you can never use Brain Burst again. Grateful for helping him, Haruyuki vows to help Kuroyukihime defeat the "Six Kings of Color", the leaders of the most powerful factions in Brain Burst and obtain Level 10 to ultimately learn why the "Accelerated World" was created.

Watch Accel World (Dub) Episode 16 for free on ...

After helping him against the delinquents, Kuroyukihime introduces Haruyuki to Brain Burst, a secret program that is able to accelerate the human cognitive process to the point at which time appears to stop. Haruyuki soon learns that Brain Burst is more than just a program, but an augmented-reality massively-multiplayer online (ARMMO) fighting game where people fight each other in fierce duels in order to obtain burst points, which can be spent for acceleration abilities in the real world.

Kuroyukihime then enlists Haruyuki's help in reaching level 10 within Brain Burst by defeating the "Six Kings of Pure Colour" and ultimately meet the creator of Brain Burst to learn its true purpose. With every challenge they face in the accelerated world, Haru and Kuroyukihime, under their aliases "Silver Crow" and "Black Lotus", gather trusted allies and confront treacherous enemies. Their bond grows stronger while working to attain their ultimate objective: to reach the highest in-game level and meet the game's creator, who will reveal why the game was created and the true purpose of it.

Toonami fans can say it once again for what feels like a long time. Only Toonami. The block announced that a never-before-seen episode of One Piece will have an English dub premiere which we last had (baring originals) quite some time ago. Plus, now that makes Toriko a pseudo-Toonami series with this crossover airing. Plus, VIZ Media offers anime fans a way to watch their titles without needing to pay! Learn about all the happenings you will want to know in this latest edition of This Week From Toonami!

VIZ Media also surprised many anime fans as they announced on their blog that fans can watch the entirety of select series on their YouTube channel (subtitled). Those series include Toonami staples like Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, and the first 220 episodes of Naruto. But other series like Death Note and Mr. Osomatsu are also included, as well as films from their library like Accel World: Infinite Burst and Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Beginning. Anime News Network mentioned how VIZ Media removed their free embedded Hulu streams back in 2020, so this might be something the company was trying to get done to offer a way for fans to check out anime instead of it being behind a paywall.

Asuna and the other players were confused at Kirito's attack, until, to their surprise, they noticed Heathcliff's status as an Immortal Object. As the system notice disappeared and Kirito sheathed his blade, Asuna questioned her commander on the new turn in events. Kirito explained that because of Heathcliff's status of protection under the system, his HP would never fall below the yellow zone. He also revealed that ever since the first day of the Sword Art Online official service and the transformation of the virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game into a death trap, he had been wondering where "he" was watching and adjusting the world to his likes. Stating his realization that the answer was childishly obvious, he declared nothing was as boring as watching others play an RPG and addressed Heathcliff as Kayaba Akihiko, much to everyone's shock.

Kirito opened his eyes and found himself in the sky outside of Aincrad. He opened his menu and saw that instead of the usual interface, only "Final Phase" at 55% was displayed. A voice called out to him from behind, and Kirito was shocked to see Asuna. He told her that he was sorry for dying and not getting her back into the real world. They then hugged and shared a kiss, while watching the destruction of Aincrad. They saw their in-game house falling down, along with many other areas. Unexpectedly, Akihiko, in his real-life appearance, appeared, informing them that SAO's mainframe was deleting all its data and all of Aincrad would be deleted in the next ten minutes. He also stated that the 6,147 survivors had successfully been logged out of the game, but the other 3,853 players who died were gone forever. Kirito asked why Akihiko did all this, and he replied that he could no longer remember why he had created Aincrad, but he recalled a desire to create a castle that surpassed all laws and restrictions. He then congratulated Kirito and Asuna for clearing the game, and disappeared into thin air.

Kirito and Asuna spent their last moments together, telling each other their real names as they watched the last bits of Aincrad disappear. Kirito revealed that he was the sixteen year old Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna was a year older Yuuki Asuna. Kirito cried and was apologetic that he was unable to send Asuna back to the other world. Asuna comforted him and told him that meeting and living with him were the happiest moments in her life and that she loved him. Kirito and Asuna then hugged each other and decided to kiss each other while waiting for the final moment to disappear as one. As Aincrad entered its final stage of deletion, Kirito and Asuna's avatars faded away along with it. 041b061a72


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