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Charles Green

Wonderware Intouch 9.5 Windows 7

The font size of internal windows for the RecipeSelectRecipe() function in runtime and for the SQL Access Manager Bind list and the Table template in development is too small to be read. L00054614: Duplicate PhraseID for text objects in exported language XML fileDuplicating an existing InTouch window containg text objects resulting duplicated PhaseID in the exported language XML file.L00054763: New setting in InTouch.ini setting to allow .Quality to be set for Clamped Low or Clamped High state.New setting "SetQualityClamp=1" in the InTouch.ini file (in the Application directory) to allow .Quality to be set for Clamped Low(85) or Clamped High(86) state. If "SetQualityClamp=0" or if it is not present in InTouch.ini file then the .Quality will not be clamped when the tag value is beyond its limits.L00055088: In AlarmDBViewCtrl, ACK_RTN value is not correct for Expanded Summary ACK Model alarmIf a tag is configured as an Expanded Summary ACK Model alarm, the value field is not updated properly when the Alarm State changes to ACK_RTN. Note: The fix only applies to alarms newly generated by InTouch 9.5 SP1.

Wonderware Intouch 9.5 Windows 7

L00055732: Unable to download or update application on NAD client if source application includes SmartSymbol templates and the client is logged on to windows as a Power User. If an InTouch application has SmartSymbol templates (i.e. there are subfolders/files in the Symbol folder), downloading the application to a Terminal Services session generates an error dialog "NAD unable to download new application" and the info message "NAD could not copy directory . . ." is logged. L00056377: On dual-core PCs, AlarmMgr.exe tries forever to connect to providers, even when InTouch View.exe is shut down. On multi-core or multi-processor PCs, during window compilation of View.exe startup, AlarmMgr.exe attempts to make connections to any alarm providers specified in AlarmViewerControl queries. If a connection was successful, it remains open subscribing to alarms. If the connection was not successful, AlarmMgr.exe keeps trying and repeatedly writes "Attempting to Connect to Provider" messages to the logger. AlarmMgr.exe does this even though there is no client (such as View.exe's AlarmViewerControl) interested in the alarms.

L00056756: Translation associated with text phrase is erased when the text in the original text object is changed and exported again.Translation field of the text phrase is erased when the text in the original text object is changed and exported again.L00056879: Tooltips are not translated properly during the Language switching process.Duplicating an object that has the static text tooltip configured results in the duplication of the phraseID, and the translation of the tooltip is not working properly.L00057173: InTouch application with Access Names configured for Failover leaks handles.InTouch application crashes after running for around 15 hours. This application contains Access Names configured for Failover.L00059184: Tag count in an InTouch application is not matched with the tag license.Tag count is not matched with the tag license and an error message pops up when activating a remote tag "Attempt to activate remote tags failed. Exceeded Maximum Number of Remote Tags."L00059228: AddPermission does not work with both a Parent Domain and a Child Domain.When there is a Parent Domain and a Child Domain then AddPermission only works for the domain that the computer is a member of (as seen in Control Panel/System).L00060620: Switching between windows in an InTouch application a few times, shut down WindowViewer, then View.exe crashed.In an InTouch application which connects to a galaxy, switching between InTouch windows a few times then shutting down WindowViewer caused View.exe to crash.


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