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FREE LOINC LOGIN REQUIREDThe LOINC database is available for free download. In addition to the LOINC table files, this zip archive also includes a number of accessory files which can prove useful in your implementation or use of LOINC.

This page containsdownload links forPuTTY release, released on 2020-06-27, is not the latest release.See theLatest Release pagefor the most up-to-date release (currently 0.78).Past releases of PuTTY are versions we thought were reasonably likelyto work well, at the time they were released. However, later releaseswill almost always have fixed bugs and/or added new features. If youhave a problem with this release, please trythe latest release,to see if the problem has already been fixed.SECURITY WARNINGThis release has known security vulnerabilities.Consider using a later release instead, such as the latest version, 0.78.

p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica JBoss Application Server downloads starting from version 7.0 are hosted on Prior to version 7.0 they are hosted on For copyright purposes, a detailed source code change log is stored in the .log file.

A standard OMERO user just needs to download the client package with a compatible version for their institutional server (e.g. 5.5.8 clients will connect to 5.6.0 servers but not to 5.4.0 servers). Full instructions for installation are on the guides .

Note: The attachment to this article is a zip file. It contains the hotfix update package only. Click the following link to download the source code for any modified open source components XS74E002-sources.iso. The source code is not necessary for hotfix installation: it is provided to fulfill licensing obligations.

VEP's makes it easy to set up your environment for using the VEP. It will download and configure a minimal set of the Ensembl API for use by the VEP, and can also download cache files, FASTA files and plugins.

If you already have the latest version of the API installed you do not need to run the installer, although it can be used to simply update your API version (with post-release patches applied), and retrieve cache and FASTA files. The installer downloads the API within the VEP directory and will not affect any other Ensembl API installations.

In order for VEP to be able to access bigWig format custom annotation files, the Bio::DB::BigFile perl module is required. Installation involves downloading and compiling the kent source tree. The current version of the kent source tree does not work correctly with Bio::DB::BigFile, so it is necessary to install an archive version known to work (v335).

The WHAM! noise dataset and variants, along with relevant data generation scripts are available for download: WHAM! noise dataset. (17 GB unzipping to 35 GB) MD5: d5af15645d521d3920e01954c6cd7594 Original WHAM! data generation scripts and documentation. (674 KB unzipping to 2.8 MB) MD5: c836e2fce9449ee0d063c15c2fce0fb0 WHAMR! data generation scripts and documentation. (4.8 MB unzipping to 11.6 MB) MD5: 11a2384408bab4b7f3c64f171a593c70 WHAM!48kHz noise dataset: Full-length noise recordings at the original sample rate. (68.1 GB unzipping to 76 GB) MD5: b11cff68963f24acdefc64aa42766fa2

For the WHAM!48kHz noise dataset you may alternatively download 74 files that are slightly less than 1 GB in size. A list of the URLs and accompanying MD5 hashes can be found here. They can then be concatenated together to produce the orignial zip file:

zip A zip (compressed) format of the exe file above. In some networks, downloading exe files is strictly prohibited. If you are using such networks, download the zip file instead. After the download, just unzip it to get the exe


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