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This Is Going To Hurt S01e01

Of course, this is only going to get worse over time, but this show does a brilliant job capturing the chaotic feeling of this and adding it into a captivating drama. The episodes ahead certainly look promising, especially if we see more of the conflicting way Adam has to juggle his personal and professional life.

This Is Going to Hurt s01e01

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While all of that's going on, the queen goes into labor, and it doesn't go well. The child is breached. The king is summoned to her side and they get to share a tender moment before he gives his permission to have her baby removed surgically. (The queen, notably, is not consulted in the matter.) The show really lingers on this sequence, daring us to keep watching; if the point is to remind us how dangerous childbirth can be, even in a world full of magic, mission accomplished.

'Some say heroes are born.Others they're made.I only ever knew one.Beowulf.' (GROWLING AND SNARLING) MAN: Ya! (HORSE NEIGHING) Father! Run! (GROWLING) (BEAST SHRIEKS) (SNARLING) Ya! (GRUNTS) Aaaagh! (DISTANT HORN) He will be welcomed in the Halls of the Dead.I know.I'm Hrothgar.Thane of Heorot.What's your name? Beowulf.The people will remember it.Beowulf? Why come so far to watch an old thane die? We parted badly.I wouldn't leave it that way.Don't you bury your dead in the Shieldlands? - A mud-born did this.- A troll? The bite marks are too small and deep.There's no time to bury him.Not if we're to make Heorot by nightfall.I don't like this place.Well, then, go home.Face that lynch mob.It wasn't a mob.Just close friends and family of the dead man.The dead man you killed.There are two sides to every story.Why did you save me from them, anyway? We all make mistakes.(CLICKS TONGUE) (GROWLS) When you said you parted badly from the look of things, I'm wondering how badly? Still need that blade of yours fixed? Now might be a good time.(DOOR OPENING) - What is it? - Beowulf.You know we can't let you enter.You were slow 20 years ago.You'll only be slower now.Hello, Slean.Kill him.Beowulf! Enough! Slean.There'll be no more blood spilt in this hall while I'm Reeve.He was banished.On anyone's orders.I'm here to see Hrothgar.WOMAN: Beowulf! Hrothgar's dead.Where's the smith? You're looking at her.You're a girl.With a big hammer.Think you can fix this with that big hammer of yours? If you pay upfront, I can.You don't think I'm good for it? Does being judged on your appearance trouble you? Tonight we feast in Hrothgar's honour.May I see the body? To say farewell.Slean, whatever else has passed between us That is not my son's decision.I am Thane.Rheda, no family or friend can be turned away from a man's last feast.You're neither.No.Let him stay.I would not dishonour my husband, but you will not see the body.MAN: Rheda? Rheda! What is going on? Brother? Well, are you gonna announce me or not, you old goat? Abrecan, Thane of Bregan.Sister.Or should I address you as Thane of Heorot now? Come.Slean, come and hear your uncle's news.Watch yourself, lad.- You did this.- He was trying to kill me at the time.Well, at least help me move him.(SIGHS) The other thanes arrive for the gathering after the funeral rites.And they all vote for you to succeed Hrothgar.One thane must rule us all.Why not you? Some doubt my father's nomination as his successor.Still smarting that Hrothgar passed you over, nephew? If they do, they do not know your mother as I do.It was a bold choice your husband made.People will come round.Give it time.There is no time.(DOG BARKING) (GRUNTING) Leave him in there.Give me a hand here.- (GRUNTS IN PAIN) - Quickly.It's his shoulder.I know.- All yours.- Hold him.Tightly.He's not gonna kiss you.(CHUCKLES) - It'll hurt a lot more going back in but you'll live.- Ready? You're different to the old healer.One, two Agh! - Different how? - More violent? (CHUCKLES) Well Move.Bandage his hand, will you? - Thought I might help.- Or Bayen sent you to keep an eye on me.Well, you made quite the impression.- Why are you staying for the feast? - You begrudge me food and drink? Would you to mind getting to know each other somewhere else? That's it? No thanks? Well, you are the reason they're here.Fair point.Will you be at the feast tonight? Everyone will.Somebody's died and there's a feast tonight.We should stay.It's your old thane.My sympathies.You almost sound like you mean it.He was a great man.Who left his son full of rage.At least Rheda is wise.But is she strong? She has us.I'll have Rheda ready.You keep Beowulf from this chamber.(MUSIC AND CHEERING) This hall is full of memories.Beowulf.Beowulf? - No married women.- Hm? Love is blind.My husband's wake.And all I can do is curse him for appointing me his successor.The dress, it's new.It's a little tight.You could've refused him.Let your son become Thane.Hrothgar was right.Slean's not ready.- (DISTANT CHEERING) - They're waiting for you.You don't have to be Hrothgar tonight.Like a new dress, power fits better with the wearing.Please! You'll become accustomed to it.May even come to enjoy it.Remember, before man came to the Shieldlands, the only living things here were the mud-born.Giants, trolls and the wolf-like barghest.All with black blood, all born from this land's dark dirt.Go on.(CHEERING) - I remember doing it but I don't remember why - (DRUNKEN CHATTER) (SMACKING OF STICKS) Ho! Don't go seeking after glory.It'll find you.Slean? He didn't succeed his father.It was Hrothgar's right to name his successor.He always did have a sense of mischief.You don't think a woman can rule? Many do.Few are seen to.(CHEERING AND LAUGHTER) (LIVELY CHATTER) Bayen, we want our pay tonight.No.You wait like everyone else.Now let go of me.Tarn.Your reeve's a little long in the tooth.Hrothgar relied on him.And I must, too.A widow.Her husband died six summers ago.She owns the smithy now.Our unwanted guest, find out his intentions.This is Lila.From the smithy.I met your daughter.Forthright girl.She gets it from me.You're not looking to by five lengths of iron chain, are you? Not really, no.Good.I didn't come here to work.How's the hand? Y-You can't enter the private quarters.Beowulf, you have no place here.Bayen.I just want to see Hrothgar.You heard Rheda.How many years were you a Shieldman? - 30? - And Reeve for ten.Not only that, I helped him teach his son, and you, one end of a sword from another, if you remember.I do.So you know how it was between us.Hrothgar was like a father to me.You were a good learner.Good sword-hand, too.Slean, your knuckles are white.Don't hold it so tight.Don't tell me what to do.Who do you think you are? You'll not pass.You're nothing, Beowulf.Your father was nothing.Stop it! Now! ECHOING: 'You're nothing, Beowulf.' I could kill you.You could but you won't.(ANIMAL SNIFFING) (DISTANT THUMP) (MOANS LIGHTLY) Would you rather it was someone else? - What? - Beowulf.I saw you.Talking to him.You don't own me.But I would.Your mother would never allow it.- (WHEEZES) - Bayen? If I'm not avenged I'll never enter the Halls of the Dead.I will avenge you.I swear it.(DEATH RATTLE) (LIGHT THUD) (DISTANT MEN SHOUTING) (SNARLS) (DOORS OPEN) Murderer.(COCK CROWS) RHEDA: Is it true? A mud-born killed Bayen.There was no beast, only him.He stood over the body.Blood for blood, that's what the law you love so much says.You've no evidence, no witness and no motive.Without one of these, a man cannot be condemned.He had motive.Bayen turned him away from Hrothgar's body.- He threatened him.- Threatened? It was banter, between old friends.Do it here, quick and clean.Make your decision on the present, not the past.As a thane, not as a mother.- She was never your mother! - Be quiet! You're nothing, Beowulf.Your father was nothing.- Stop it! Now! - He tried to kill me.It was an unprovoked attack.Beowulf tried to kill my son.Our son.It will be done in the usual place.Before any who wish to see.That is our law.- Can I come? - Not today.I've a long way to go and I want to be back before dark.Next time.(CLICKS TONGUE) - Ah! My new daughter.- I'm sorry? - Your mother and I -- - What did you do to her? Married her, then shared her bed.Isn't that your custom? LILA: Stop! What were you thinking?! I wasn't.I had my way, they'd kill you with your friend.What? - Elvina! - Easy.- She went that way.- What happened to her? A mud-born beast, he chased after her.- Where? - Past the corral.Toward the Western Wood? Took your time.Whoa! Steady.Stop them! RHEDA: Slean? What do you think you're doing? If he's ever to take Hrothgar's place, he must be seen as a warrior.- As I'm not? - Rheda, I It's true.I may never wield a sword or lead the Huskarl into battle.I'll never be Hrothgar.But I will rule.- (HORSE NEIGHING) - Whoa! Steady! Steady! (DISTANT GROWL) (CLICKING) (RUSTLING / TWIGS SNAPPING) (LOW GROWL) (SNIFFS) (SNARLING AND YELPING) (SNARLING AND SHRIEKING) (GROWLING) Dead barghest.Beast killed it.- Found her here.- And probably took her.- There's a chance.- Beowulf.- Finish them.- Oi, oi, me? I hardly know him.Hrothgar would be proud (!) Getting others to do your killing for you.One year you lived with us.What do you know of my father? Come on, then.I won't even put up a fight.Or do I scare you that much? If that's how you want it.He's got a knife! Before you get close enough to use those, he'll be dead.Do it! - Anger makes a man of you.- I'm not the boy you knew.No? You want him? Be my guest.Then go and explain to his mother what happened.(GRUNTS) Let's go! Come on! (SOFT GROWLING) (BEAST SNIFFING) (DISTANT ROCK FALLING) (WHIMPERS) Tell me this isn't about the girl.Not just her.I pledged to avenge Bayen.He's dead.What's it matter? More tracks.Deeper.It's carrying her.This way.How did men drive giants from these lands? Before my time.I heard giants ate human babies.- Wives' tales.- You're not scared? - (STONES FALLING) - What was that? Come on.Do you smell that? (BEAST PURRING) (SNARLING) Don't move.Elvina! (SHRIEKS) Hey! Hey! Look out! Agh! Yaaagh! (SHRIEKS) How is he?! Doubt I'll see morning.He'll live.Lila? My widow.Your husband believes every cloud has a darker one behind it.There's nothing more you can do here.There.Can you? - Where are you going? - Bayen's body must be prepared.He's dead.What about me? Aw.(GROANS) Cut from the mud-born that killed Bayen.Not from any I've seen.Before it came here, the beast had been slaughtering crofters on the Northern Road.A pretty story.But it proves nothing.Beowulf saved Elvina's life and returned here.That proves something.Only that he wants her.You may look upon Hrothgar's body.Then you will go.(DOG BARKING) It should've been me that saved you.You already have.Many times.I'd have cut the beast's head off.Then I'm glad it wasn't you.See you tonight? Did you find the rosewater? Let me help.What is it? Worried I might steal something? If you did, I'd know.There are no secrets from me within this hall.Beowulf.This hall will always be your home, Beowulf.Slean is your half-brother.You're all my blood.My son.Nobody else knows.You don't belong here.Never did.HROTHGAR: 'Heorot will need you.' Your brother will need you.'And you will come.' - What will you do now? - Finish what I started.- Kill the mud-born.- It wasn't the beast that killed Bayen.- How do you know? - The wound wasn't inflicted by a beast.He was stabbed.- Bayen had enemies here? - He was Hrothgar's reeve.Mine, too.All of Heorot's enemies were his.And there are many.Even in a time of peace.Well, whoever it was, I'll find them and kill them.It's a skin-shifter! People fear skin-shifters more than other mud-born Because they can live amongst us undetected.If word gets out, there will be panic.- Can you find the thing and kill it? - If it's still here.I've been a walking, talking dead man for 15 years.- Why are you here? - The killer was mud-born.You can't think it's me. [1] 041b061a72


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