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Buy Chanel

Hi Amie, I am going to Italy and London this July and really hope to buy a chanel mini rectangular. Where is the best place to buy one (price and availability)? And what do you think the best color for chevron leather aside from black? This will be my 2nd chanel bags. Thank you!

buy chanel

I've been searching high and low for a vintage chanel piece ( ideally i would like one in an exotic leather but the prices for vintage exotic are still crazy) because I do agree with you as much as I love my new chanel babies the vintage ones def have more character.

Hi the other day I found this cute little vintage store, and I saw this Channel bag, it seemed very real to me, its sand colour, the leather feells real, and there is no serial numer inside and it doesnt say chanel Also the logo on the outside lost a little bit the color so from gold it turns into silver a little bit , its a litle damage but its driving me crazy the owner told me that its real that in the 70s it disnt came with a number inside the so idk can u please help me thank u my email is

This is odd but i just came across your post and then immediately read another post that was the same. maybe you already know about it, but this is just a heads up anyways ? -fashionistas-guide-where-to-buy-vintage-chanel-bags/

FYI, not sure if it's already been mentioned but your article has been copied and pasted (without reference) on another site. I guess you should be flattered! -fashionistas-guide-where-to-buy-vintage-chanel-bags/#comment-63582 041b061a72


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