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Better than a cardboard cutout standee! Make your own custom life-size cutout on foam board made from high quality water-resistant vinyl, for less. Better quality for a lower price. Same day shipping available! No added fees. Upload your image now!


Hannalee Pervan and her mother, Catherine Pervan, co-owners of One House Bakery in Benicia, Calif., spent weeks molding, baking and assembling the life-sized sculpture using wood and two types of dough, including a type of yeastless dough with a higher sugar content that will last longer.

All Steiff life-sized animals are constructed with the same high quality standards you expect in our iconic teddy bears. Our designers choose only the finest materials, like 100% cruelty-free mohair sourced from farms that adhere to international Responsible Mohair Standards. Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand to display characteristics of animals in the wild, and each features our signature Button in Ear trademark of authenticity.

Months after unveiling a full-scale, drivable version of the Bugatti Chiron, LEGO Group has debuted yet another life-size auto creation: an interactive model of the million-dollar McLaren Senna, comprising 467,854 individual LEGO elements.

Parents need to know that Life-Size 2 is a sequel to the popular 2000 film Life-Size. Once again Tyra Banks plays Eve, a doll who comes to life when a young woman and a girl cast a spell that asks for her help. The premise is similar to that of the original, but the content is far more mature this time around. Sexual innuendo is prevalent, including talk about hooking up, two women sleeping together, sexting, and the suggestion that women sitting on Santa's lap may have sexual implications. Also expect intermittent language ("damn," "hell," "b.s.," etc.) and heavy drinking and drunken behavior at a party. While there is some value to Grace's evolution from brooding and sullen to self-confident, and to Eve's hand in helping that happen, this movie struggles to match its mature content with an audience that will accept its farfetched premise of a magical life-size doll.

Now, Hasbro is going to award one lucky US fan with this extremely limited (and intimidating!) life-size Darth Maul statue signed by George Lucas himself! Specially marked packages of Vintage Collection figures and vehicles from Hasbro contain an entry form that can be used to enter the contest -- one grand prize winner will win the statue, and another one hundred first prize winners will receive a Force FX Lightsaber.

If you are sculpting a life-size head and, therefore, using over 5 lbs. of clay, our HA4 20" head armature is a must have. It is designed and constructed to provide an internal support skeleton for the Plastilina, moist clay or other sculpting medium which cannot support itself. 041b061a72


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