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Julian Savin

Japanese Face Sitting

While the Xbox itself can't even remember the time without being plugged into the mains continuously, the latest doohickey to emerge from the far east will hopefully perform somewhat more accurately. Introducing .. the Xbox watch! Yes, it seems that you too can now strap a reassuringly chunky lump of metal to your wrist to proudly display your allegiance to Bill and the boys. Coming in a sexy foam padded presentation tin with a big Xbox sticker on the top, the watch itself is somewhat more modest, with a traditional silvery metallic look and the word Xbox printed in green on the face, sitting alongside the usual bewildering array of meaningless dials. The watch is apparently part of a summer campaign to push the Xbox in Japan, with five hundred lucky punters set to win one of the limited edition timepieces from stores that are part of the Game Retailers Association. The contest will run at some 1,500 stores across Japan between this weekend and September 1st, with anyone who buys an Xbox console or game able to enter. Sadly though the competition is only open to Japanese residents. Sadly our Japanese isn't up to scratch, and Babelfish bizarrely translates one part of the story as "the watch that comes at once". Which might help to explain the racey advertising posters for the competition, featuring the naked torsos of a burly bloke and a girl with her arms strategically crossed over her chest. Or it could just be a mistranslation. Either way, if you're curious you can find out more in a news report on Japanese site Game Watch (appropriately enough).

japanese face sitting

In Fukuyama, I did see chairs faced parallel to the trains with a drunk passed out passenger sitting. The chair arm rail was preventing him from collapsing on the ground some, but if he started walking to the platform in his heavily drunken state, he could have easily fallen into the platform. 041b061a72


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