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Jailbreak Hack Gui

Warning: Scripts may stop working after a game update. If so, we would appreciate if you leave us a comment informing, so that we can update this guide with the latest scripts, after verifying that they work. You can also get banned if you use old scripts, which are easier to detect, so always try to use up-to-date scripts, hacks and exploits

Jailbreak Hack Gui

Update Kindle 5.0.3 has fixed the hole to allow for jailbreak. Upgrading an already jailbroken Kindle Touch is fine as the update does not remove the custom key to allow custom packages. If you on 5.0.3 and have not already installed the key, there is a new jailbreak.

Hi - this is probably an uncommon request to a hacker, but I know that there are many parents concerned about lack of parental controls on kindle wifi (i have the $79 version). Any simple hack to disable wifi or experimental browser? Thanks!

im kinof scared i got a kindle jan.25th and i want some books that are not on the store already so i found it on epub but im worried if its gonna work because all my previous hack attempts (wii psp ipod) failed miserably and i have the kindle touch with adds do i need to cancel adds first most of all is it safe can i still get books from the store and finally can amazon find out and can i get in trouble

Brilliant. While the Kindle Touch screensavers are an order of magnitude better than the creepy dead authors, it still feels great to have a bit of customization! The jailbreak went perfectly (5.0.1) and the screensaver hack also went perfectly! Thanks so much! You ROCK! 041b061a72


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